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Sep 2008Present


- Grade Point Average: 3.54 (on a 4.0 scale)

Sep 2001May 2006


-Grade Point Average: 3.29 (on a 4.0 scale)

Work experience

Aug 2006Present

Graduate Research Assistant

Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems, Wayne State University
  • Combined visual observation and molecular characterization techniques to study the progression of breast cancer
  • Researched, implemented, and modified biological sample handling and data analysis to investigate the aggressive nature of cancerous cells using X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)
  • Collaborated with Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University Medical School to use Raman spectroscopy to dynamically view the proteomics of cancer cells, especially the enzymatic reactions known to influence metastasis
  • Performed Raman analysis on single isolated cancerous cells for the Departments of Surgery/Obstetrics and Gynecology, Wayne State University and Harvard Medical School
  • Performed statistical analysis using IBM software to analyze data collected from both XPS and Raman studies
  • Constructed a live cell imaging (LCI) system, to provide time-lapsed photography of cancer cells over a period of several days using reflected light differential interference contrast microscopy
  • Performed 2D, 3D and mammary architecture and microenvionrment engineering (MAME) cell culturing techniques in class 100 cleanroom
  • Trained undergraduate research assistants and high school volunteers on cell culturing techniques as well as how to use various equipment in the lab, such as the Raman system
  • Analyzed biocompatibility, adhesion, and differences of growth of C6 Glioma cells and neurons on different surfaces
May 2005Aug 2006

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems, Wayne State University
  • Cultured neurons in a class 100 clean room and tested its biocompatibility on different substrates, specifically gold
  • Used AutoCAD and Canvas to draft construction of LCI system
  • Researched vendors for environmental control systems required for LCI system



  • Single-Cell Raman Spectroscopy For Cancer Research (Co-Presentor)iSurgitec 2009 - Fourth Annual Dr. David Fromm Day, Wayne State UniversityOctober 2009, Detroit, MI
  • In Vitro Study of Cancer Cells and Therapeutic Changes Due to Interaction with Drug Delivery Material Systems (Poster Presentation) Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall 2008 MeetingDecember 2008, Boston, MA
  • In Vitro Study of Raman Signature of Cancer Cells and Changes During Treatment (Poster Presentation) Emerging Nanoscience Applications in Technology and Biomedicine (ENATBIO) Conference, Wayne State UniversityOctober 2008, Detroit, MI


Pursue a career that implements both engineering concepts and techniques in the pursuit of improving health and the well-being of people.


Society of Women Engineers  2003 to present

  ESFB Representative (2007) ♦ Secretary (2008) ♦ Treasurer (2009) ♦ Treasurer (2010) - Attended the National Conference in Long Beach, California in 2009

- Attended the National Conference in Orlando, Florida in 2010

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) 2003 to present   Treasurer (2004) ♦ Secretary (2005) - Attended the Region 4 Student Leadership Conference at Perdue University in 2003

IEEE: Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) 2004 to present - Attended the EMBS Conference in New York City, New York in 2006

Engineering Student Faculty Board2007 to 2010   SWE Representative (2007) ♦Secretary (2008) ♦Vice President (2009) - EAA Outstanding Graduate Student Award - 2009, 2010 - Outstanding Community Service Award - 2008, 2009,  2010

WSU Retention and Recruitment Committee for College of Engineering2008 to 2009

WSU College Climate Working Group for College of Engineering 2009

Etta Kappa Nu (HKN) 2006 to present

- Electrical Engineering Honor Society

Golden Key 2008 to present

- Collegiate Honor Society

Community Service

Bukas Loob Sa Diyos (Open Your Spirit to God)  2001 to present

- Singles Ministry Coordinator - Youth Ministry Coordinator

Newman Center, Wayne State University 2011 to present

- Faith Study Leader (Winter 2012)

CFC Youth/Singles for Christ 2004 to 2012

- Christian Youth and Singles Ministry Coordinator

Tagumpay Dance Ensemble 2001 to present - Filipino Folk Dance Ensemble

Paaralang Pilipino 2008 to 2010

- Taught Filipino to children ages 6 to 8