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Work experience

Oct 2013Present

Clerical Officer / Deputy Team Supervisor

Bangor University - International Education Centre

My responsibility for prioritisation, delegation, and training of a 4-5 person Clerical Team has afforded me the opportunity to cultivate leadership qualities and my capacity for independent decision making. I set team objectives and take appropriate action to see that they are achieved. I also provide administrative support and respond to a wide range of stakeholder enquiries relying on specialist knowledge and independent analysis.

Additional specialist responsibilities include:

  • troubleshooting a bespoke offer-generation system by identifying data errors in customer records;
  • flagging possible identity fraud and conducting preliminary investigation, involving detailed analysis of complex data 
May 2012Oct 2013

Clerical Assistant

Bangor University - International Education Centre

As a member of the Clerical Team I further developed my existing variety of administrative and customer service skills, and acted as the first point of contact for a wide range of enquiries from stakeholders, ranging from inter-departmental enquiries to liaison with national embassies. My rapid acquisition of knowledge and ability to communicate with customers with various needs stood me in good stead here, as it will in future. 

Jul 2001Jun 2006

Administrative Assistant (Temporary)

Nottingham City Council

I gained a solid grounding in administrative and customer service skills during this period, with some challenging customer-facing roles such as Housing Benefits complaints. I found Parking Services administration particularly rewarding, relying upon my judgement and knowledge to evaluate complex appeal cases. 

Frequent changes of role led me to develop the ability to identify and internalise the most vital points of any role quickly, and thereby become effective and productive as rapidly as possible. 


Sep 2010Sep 2011

Master of Arts in History

Bangor University

Postgraduate study of history taught me much about project management, self-motivation and discipline. 

Sep 2007Jun 2010

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History with Archaeology - 2:1

University of Wales, Bangor

The study of medieval history gave me the tools to conduct detailed research and to communicate specialist information clearly and persuasively. 


Those who were there at the time tell me that I was a difficult child to feed because I was always reading, watching and absorbing everything instead of mundane tasks such as eating. That relentless curiosity to learn and discover has never left me, though I have now more or less mastered eating at the same time. 

In the workplace I usually end up knowing not only my own job but everyone's else's jobs as well. I instinctively delve into any new topic, gain as much information as I can, and pull it apart in my mind's eye until I can see how it fits together (and often how it can be reassembled in a more effective form). My current head of department has described me as having a "highly analytical mind"​ and if I'm avoiding false modesty then it's a fair assessment. This also means I usually have an opinion on every topic!

My compulsive analysis is tempered with a strong creative slant. As a hobbyist fiction writer I'm a person of creativity and communication by nature. My calculating analysis melds with instinctive leaps and imaginative vision to generate original solutions. The only way to truly improve is to embrace the unorthodox.