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Katherine Kukar

Work experience

Mar 2011Present

Director of Marketing and Sales

Zip Media Co


  • Generated all of the revenue for Zip Media Co. 
  • Presented material on Social Media Marketing and Sales techniques as requested by Vail Valley Business Women, Colorado Mountain College, Remax Real Estate and the Youth Foundation.
  • Created a series of events for Feldmann Nagel LLC (national law firm).
  • Nominated for exciting new business of the year for Vail Valley Business Women.
  • Hired by 2 Recreation Districts to create their Email Newsletters.
  • Nominated for President and Web Coordinator for Vail Valley Business Women.

Job Description:

  • Responsible for creating and implementing marketing plans including online and social media strategies.
  • Developed marketing and sales materials, websites, social media sites, for all clients. Trained clients’ employees on sales and marketing opportunities.
  • Managed and developed all independent contractors for digital media and marketing contracts
  • Created networking events. Organized, planned and marketed each event.
  • Organized and developed clients' websites with blog, email and social media strategy.
Jun 2005Present

Marketing and Business Development Director

Value Media Co


  • Responsible for creating all the revenue for Value Media Marketing Company. 
  • Developed annual business and marketing plans to create new business for Value Media Marketing and The Parents Handbook.
  • Launched 5 new products/services that included expansion of The Parents Handbook into two new locations, additions of two niche publications, websites for all The Parents Handbook locations and social media marketing campaigns for all enterprises.
  • Analyzed and researched business trends and competitor data to create opportunities for increased sales with new and existing clients.
  • Managed the sales team and independent contractors.

Job description:

  • Developed specific marketing plans for website and social media marketing.
  • Implemented traditional marketing plan for Value Media Co.
  • Created written content and photography for The Parents Handbook publications and website.
  • Organized and marketed all events Value Media created or participated: Camp Fair, Battery Recycling, Farmers markets.
  • Hired and trained employees of The Parents Handbook.
Jun 2005Present

Director of Sales

The Parents Handbook


  • Consistently closed $180,000 in sales per year, about half of all revenue, while managing a sales team. 
  • Increased Overall sales by 20% each issue of The Parents Handbook.
  • Closed 90% of the sales for The Summer Camp and Activity Fair.
  • Closed 95% of the web sales and digital packages for The Parents Handbook. 
  • Managed a sales, marketing, editorial and distribution team in 4 different locations.

Job Description:

  • Organized and managed key account activity through ongoing customer contacts and onsite visits.
  • Prospected and managed key corporate accounts to assure a high level of customer satisfaction, increased add on sales and generated new revenue.
  • Management of a sales, marketing, editorial and distribution team.
  • Training of all sales, marketing and editorial teams.
Mar 2003May 2005

Lead Account Representative

Trader Publishing


  • First year increased the monthly revenue by 175%. 
  • Second year increased monthly revenue by 380% from original revenue billing. Ranking nationally in sales at #4 out of 110.
  • Contributed and assisted in the development of
  • Launched and marketed 5 separate publications.

Job Description:

  • Territory and account management.  
  • Business development, marketing and event creation.
  • Sales trainer.


Colorado Free University
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Writing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Web design
  • Google Analytics
  • Sales Management
  • Improve your sales skills

Colorado Mountain College
  • Social media marketing
  • Business Development
  • Creative writing
  • Photoshop
  • Photography
  • Leadership in business
  • History and economics
  • Computer and web design
  • Sales
  • Sales Management
Aug 1986May 1990

Bachelor of Arts

College of Saint Benedict
  • Studied business management, psychology and art.  
  • Played college volleyball. 
  • President of the Health Advocates, a student group dedicated to educating other students about health and wellness.  Planned several health related events like drug and alcohol awareness month, breast cancer awareness, body self image, eating right in the college cafeterias. Junior and Senior year.
  • Executive on the fundraising committee, Junior and Senior year.
  • Head volleyball coach for St. John's Prep- on campus private high school.


An excellent manager should have the ability to teach people to communicate along with adapting their communication style to help work more effectively with everyone on their team.     Communication is more than text messages and emails.  These options can be mis-intrepreted and at any point I feel this is happening, I call or make a face to face appointment. The number of accounts and relationships saved by effective communication has been a significant amount of revenue.  Many of the relationships have become stronger because of my communication skills.
Content Creation
One of the most important element to inbound marketing is the ability to create as much relevant, interesting engaging content to keep your customers coming back, your clients from seeing your efforts and the search engines looking to you as an authority.  This is the part of inbound marketing that I love- being able to create the content and coming up with ideas to make people laugh and understanding that they either need your product or service or would love it more than anything they can think of.  It's a challenge but it's most intriguing.
Email Marketing
Keeping customers involved and engaged with your company by providing an easy way for them to hear about what you have to offer is a challenge.  Consumers are pounded with emails each day and to get them to open and take advantage of an email is a fine art. 
Inbound Marketing Strategies
Marketing using inbound techniques is an exciting and fast paced way of marketing.  Sharing information through blogs and social media to compel your customers to engage with your company, products and services in a fun, interesting and an exciting way of generating revenue instead of the ongoing barrage of selling messages. 
Project management
I really enjoy being in this role since there is a tremendous amount of psychology involved with managing people. Combing a variety of personalities together, along with the different skill sets to create an actual project is incredible.     The organizational element of project management is important, especially in establishing a clear goal for the project, making sure all employees know their specific roles and the deadlines are detailed, in order to move the project forward. Creating a plan and then implementing all the moving parts by effective communication is crucial.  Reviewing progress, managing risk and changing direction to ensure success is also part of the management. 
Problem Solving
I focus my attention on understanding what went wrong versus who is to blame.  Formulating a plan to move forward to accomplish the goal and using an alternative angles, fosters success.     I want employees to share ideas and take risks, that's where amazing success comes.  If mistakes are made because of risk it's not affective to point fingers then no one will want to take risks.   When mistakes are made, the best course of action is to admit it and gives option on how to make it better.  This is the biggest reason I retain my clients.  
Proposals, Contracts, Negotiations
I enjoy putting proposals together for clients!  The needs of my clients are different and it's challenging to learn about their business like they do and then present ideas to help them achieve more success using my products and services.   Negotiations involve learning what the client values even if they don't voice them.  Understanding their objections, the real ones, and using this information to sell them what they need or want.  Its like being a private investigator.
Customer Relations
I pride myself in being able to make the majority of my clients happy with what we provide.  I have learned to set expectations at the beginning and keep them at a reasonable level.  If it's not what they want we make changes to what we are currently doing for them to achieve their results.  If we are not able to achieve what they need then I make sure when they move on they are happy with our efforts and we leave on good terms.   I believe customer service is overlooked in its value and there is an extensive amount of revenue to be gain from a happy client. 
Web Development and Management
I have been working at a home office with success for 10 years which is reflected in my sales numbers. I was then promoted to Sales Manager.  My process involves several factors; time management, clean office, motivated to make money, the ability to be creative and opportunity to make decisions and be part of the company. 
I love networking it's a pool of possibility for greater everything in life, money, friends, lasting relationships.  I'm active and a writer and meeting interesting people along with potential clients is amazing.  My habit at networking events is to say hello to friends and clients but my goal is always to talk to 3 new people.

Divorce in Colorado

Website for Teddi Ann Barry family law attorney

Zip Media Website

Sales and Marketing Manager for The Parents Handbook

Zip Media Projects

Volunteer Activities


  • Bright Future Foundation 
  • Vail Film Festival 
  • Taste of Vail 
  • Vail Valley Business women 
  • The Youth Foundation
  • Salvation Army


A company I find valuable, interesting, and fun is a company I want to be involved with and do their marketing. I want to be part of a team that cares about the success of the company and the company cares about it's employees and clients.

A positive and balanced working environment is imperative to my success. I value enjoyment, making a difference and working with innovators. Relishing a challenge I look for places, I can try new marketing techniques and incorporate the skills of the talent around me.

Social Media and digital Marketing are especially attractive because of the fast pace and creative nature- never a dull moment! I love movement, improvement and change.

Marketing has been part of my entire working career since it's a crucial element of every successful business. My sales skills come in handy improving my marketing ideas. Both marketing and sales work best together and are extremely important for success.

I enjoy outdoor sports, music, health and wellness, wining and dining, reading and writing, traveling and learning about psychology.

My strongest passion is traveling, writing about it and the photography of the beautiful places I have seen. I have travelled to five continents and hope New Zealand and Australia is in my near future. I am not opposed to looking at opportunities to work in other countries.

Reading and watching movies are on my list for entertainment and have a goal of completing a novel and a screenplay.

I love Colorado, and I do ski as often as I can!