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University at Albany (SUNY)
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University at Albany
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University at Albany (SUNY)
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Université Catholique à Paris

Educational Philosophy

                The educational philosophy that has always drawn my attention is the constructivist philosophy.  Developing students’ skills as life-long learners is one of my main goals as an educator.  Students are confronted with so much information in their life as learners that they cannot possibly retain it all.  Yet, if teachers prepare students to develop the necessary skills they need to build knowledge upon then students are able to develop new skills and continue to learn for the rest of their lives. 

                Many of my lessons are student-focused in that the teacher is an observer and a guide to students who are driving their own path.  As a social studies teacher, I like to have my students research history so that they can gain the skills historians use to pursue historical work.  When students are able to do research in history they are not being forced to memorize names and dates but they are working to make connections between names and dates and analyzing the connections they make.  Following a constructivist philosophy will allow my students to develop basic skills and be successful as they make connections throughout their lives as life-long learners.   


Courses Taught

I have student taught the following courses:

* US History 7

* US History 8

* Global History 10

* US History 11


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New York State

Social Studies 7-12