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Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Camp Counselor

Academy at the Lakes

I teach summer camps in video production, acting, and photography.

Aug 2009Nov 2010

Religious and Spiritual Diversity Examiner

I write about how people in Tampa Bay  practice their religious beliefs. 


Digital Media

St. Petersburg College

I added on to my existing knowledge of video production at Saint Petersburg College. I studied how to shoot video, edit video, write scripts, and manage a large production at SPC. I'll keep taking the classes for fun, and eventually get an AS in video too. Streaming content, online videos, "viral" videos etc. are as much a part of the web as graphic design and html are now. So, why not keep studying it?  

Digital Media

St.Petersburg College

I leanred graphic design, front end web design, a bit of programming, and a bit of internet marketing at Saint Petersburg College.

Jul 2002May 2007


Florida State University

I gained a solid  understanding of the media business at FSU. I studied all kinds of media-film, television, public relations, advertising, and even got a little into theater and acting. I took in depth courses on how media effects society, and society effects media from some great researchers at FSU. I was introduced to great theories about how people learn information and form their opinions. I also am fascinated by the different belief systems of the world, and earned a major in religion as well at FSU. Studying what people believed and why they believed it was a nice "aside" to my studies in communication. I completed an internship in Public Relations and Marketing at the Tallahassee Museum in the summer of 2006 as well.   


Public Speaking
I took many classes in acting and public speaking,  in both high school and college. I was a reporter for my high school's TV news show. I was on a public access program, "Living my Dreams," once in 2007. I have been a camp counselor for two summers at The Academy at the Lakes. So, I am very comfortable speaking in front of a group of people.    
Online Photo Services
Picnik, Kodak Gallery, Flickr. Edit and share your photos online.
Free video sharing service.
Social Media +Blogs
Facebook, Myspace, Blogger. 
Microsoft Word
Online service to create slideshows set to music. You can use some video clips in your slide show too. There's a paid version and a free version.
Adobe Flash
Used for slideshows, online games, whole websites. A wonderfully versatile program, one of my favorites.
Free graphic design software from Microsoft.
Microsoft Publisher
Desktop publishing software from Microsoft. Several notches down from InDesighn for sure, but still a useful little program. 
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe's video editing software, I'm familiar with the consumer version (Premiere Elements) and the professional version (Premiere Pro).
Windows Moviemaker
An easy to use video editing software. It's is a common program on PC's. It gives you very little besides a free platform to edit video and photo clips into a nice presentation, but it that' all you need, then it does the job well. I've been using it for years for fun, and sometimes work.    
Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe's video editing software, I'm familiar with the consumer version (Premiere Elements) and the professional version (Premiere Pro).
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe's software to build websites.  
Adobe's photo editing tool. One of my personal favorites.


I am a skilled web designer and videographer, with some background in marketing and sales. My immediate goal is to obtain employment as a web designer, or working on an internet marketing campaign. My dream and long term goal is to work for myself, and manage an e-commerce site, build websites, provide SEO consulting to business, and produce movies for the sheer passion of it. 


Full time employment as a web designer. I'm also available as a freelancer for web design, videography,  photography, or writing services.


Web Design, Computers, Video Production, Graphic Design, Photography, Art, Movies, Martial Arts, College Football, Exercise, Swimming, Health Food, The Beach, History, Deep Discussions.