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Intend to become a key leader within the IT-Software industry and lead an international team to a new level of accomplishment.


Snapshot+ Business Expert for Asian Market+ Domain expert for IT-Software/solutions (fPharma / LifeSciences / Healthcare / Clinical Reasearch)+ 18 years of experience+ 10 years in leadership role for Asian business.+ Multi-cultural, multi-lingualSummaryA business professional with 18+ years of extensive experience in conceptualizing & executing business functions with key focus on top/ bottom line. All these have been with global leaders in their respective fileds.Currently since '03; spearheading the company’s 3rd Business arm (covering Asia, Australia and the Middle-East market). The company is into providing IT solutions/products to the research fraternity and is global leader in its domain. This job initialy included setting up new business operations for Asian market and now is expanding & growing the same.Establishing and communicating Vision, Mission, direction, policy, plans and any important information relevant to the functioning and efficiency of the organization. Working as Business-Head and Techno-Commercial Lead; representing company in the Geography. Designed, strategised and executed the Asian business model for the company. Achieved the milestone of adding 300+ clients in Asian Market. Proficient in creating, training and managing a multi-cultural and multi-lingual team of professionals as employees & consultants. Recognized for entrepreneurship, leadership and credibility.


Managing & Driving Asian Market, Strategic Planning, Building a team of professionals, Business Intelligence, Start-up Operations,hiring the best talent, Solution Delivery & Negotiation, Sales & Marketing Management, Distribution / SCM / ROI, IT solution for enterprises in Scientific world, Compliance.

Work experience

Sr District Manager

Job Profile:

  • Involved in Sales & Marketing Management, Inventory & Receivables Management, mentoring Team members and representing company at various Conferences & Exhibitions.
  • Learned a lot about Pharma/healthcare business, sales & marketing, technical sales, people management, etc.
  • Interacting with medical fraternity and generating high demand for products in the market.
  • Presenting and convincing the medical fraternity to buy into the efficacy, safety, quality, brand equity of the products and increase business through indirect selling.
  • Managing resellers, distributors and agents to stock and sell the products and manage the receivables.
  • Manage the team of Medical Representatives and train them for client interactions, sales, business development, distribution, presentations, etc. in the healthcare industry.
  • Develop the team dealing with the Hospitals and dispensaries business and manage the bulk consumers.
  • Managing such institutional sales to these Hospitals and Research Institutes.
  • Commenced career as a Medical Representative, rose through 2 promotions & 2 upgradations to be a Senior District Manager, led a team of Sales Executives and reported to the Area Sales Manager.


  • Recipient of all 4 Cherry Challenge Awards, contested annually between Super-achievers in the company.
  • Joined as the Youngest District Manager in the company.
  • Turnaround of team’s performance from (-60%) to +35% in FY 1995-1996.
  • Instrumental in achieving annual 55% sales growth by Dec 1998, on new assignment at Lucknow HQ.
  • Surpassed Divisional average of 37% growth, recording 130% Annual National Highest growth in1996-1997.
  • Successfully achieved 10% growth with team logging 27% Annual growth in 1997-1998.
Jun 2003Present

Director of Asia & Pacific Operations

ACD Inc.


ACD Inc. is a Toronto based Software company providing Software Solutions, Services and Products since 1994. The solutions are focused on enabling researchers in the R&D world with Analytical, productivity and decision support tools plus providing an integrated informatics/analytics platform. These solutions and tools are quite sophisticated and they cater to a large clientele spread across the globe. The organization is divided by geographies into 3 operations (American, European and Asian). I was hired to manage the Asian business.

Job Profile:

  • Establish and communicate Vision, Mission, direction, policy, plans and any important information relevant to the functioning and efficiency of the organization.
  • Function as Business Unit Head, leading the company’s 3rd Business arm (covering Asian, Australian and the Middle-Eastern market).
  • Start-up and establish the APac business sub-unit from ground-up and then managing it.
  • Create and maintain the necessary environment in which people can become fully involved in achieving the organization's objectives.
  • Motivate, mentor and lead a multi-cultural, multi-lingual team of talented professionals. Live the culture and lead by example.
  • Direct a cross functional teams and integrate them to a common objective
  • Achievement of agreed business results and successful operations of the business Unit.
  • Planning & strategizing business for different geographies and implementing them with timelines.
  • Hiring & developing a management team for different geographies helping with the day-to-day operations.
  • Carry out responsibilities connected with Management Meetings, Performance Reporting and Responsible Corporate Governance.
  • Work with people from different department and take them along on the vision and strategy for the region.
  • Designing a region specific pricing model to suit the market.
  • Tie-up with business partners for advertising/ marketing-campaigns/ promotional schemes or product-bundles for specific industries.
  • Control of subcontracted activities by establishing a team of consultants who are hired indirectly and assist the functioning on a time-to-time basis.
  • Attending & speaking at various Seminars/ Conferences/ Symposiums/ Scientific – Workshops.
  • Acting as a bridge between the HO (Toronto) and the team here in APac; to design and customize plans for different practices in the market.
  • Managing the marketing, MarComm and PR activities for the company in the geography.
  • Defining and achieving stakeholder satisfaction consisting of - Customers, Employees, Business Partners.
  • Enhance organizational performance, credibility and sustainability.
  • Continuous improvement and cost control.


  • Established the company in Asia and achieved the milestone of ~300 clients (now 360+).
  • Added 50+ clients in each important market naming India, China, Australia & Korea.
  • Expanded the Business by tens of folds from what it was at the start.
  • Built the entire Asian organization by selecting & hiring employees and business partners from ground up.
  • Successfully strategized the approach of addressing the Pharma industry with our solution; which is now being replicated in rest of the world.
  • Groomed the team such that they are working on global-deals with their counterparts in different continents.
  • Carrying additional responsibility of helping the VP of Sales on the new pricing strategy.
  • Established the region as ‘Region with maximum growth’ consecutively for 6 years in a row.
  • Steered the launch of new enterprise informatics solution for the first time and have 5 clients for this.
  • Successfully designed the solutions and the new pricing model to counter piracy threats in the market.
  • Strengthened Business relations with business houses across Asia to facilitate various major Commercial Deals in the Asia & Pacific Region.
  • Driving the development of a new enterprise solution while working internally with the product manager & the CSO and externally with the client.
  • Successful in getting presentations of success stories by clients (who are significant personalities in the industry) at User Group Meetings in Europe.
  • Presented new concepts and vision at international conferences as invited speaker; Such as- CPhI India, IBC Asia (Pharma Innovation) , Symposium of Drug Design and Informatics, ChemSpec India, MedChem India, IBC Asia (Drug Discovery Technology-China), Anacon India, IBC Asia (Drug Discovery Technology-India), Analytica India, Seminar on new tools for Pharma R&D (at NUS Singapore), Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry (at BARC), Analytica China, International Convention on Pharmacy Education
Feb 2001May 2003

Sales Manager-South Asia


Accelrys Inc. is a San Diego based Software company providing Software Solutions, Services and Products for about 3 decades now. The solutions are focused on enabling researchers in the R&D world with Informatics, productivity and Simulation software/solutions. These solutions and tools are quite sophisticated and they cater to a large customer base spread across the globe. The organization was created by acquiring/merging 5 specialist companies and was renamed as Accelrys in 2001; it is after this recreation that needed a senior person to develop their South Asian market and for this role I was hired.

Job Profile:

  • Function as the Techno Commercial Head; lead a team of sales, scientific & technical staff.
  • Launching the new business (which was inherited by the company as a result of organizational acquisitions) and creating a new market in the region.
  • Establish a new Business Unit and manage International Sales & Deliverables Management.
  • Manage & drive Scientific & Consultancy visits by Technical Staff, Scientific and implementation team.
  • Represent company at Scientific and Business Conferences and build the brand image.
  • Managing a team of Distributors / Resellers, driving the business in the South Asian Region.
  • Creating and managing business partners for joint promotion of hardware & software; dealing with giants like HP, SGI, IBM etc
  • Business Development, Sales Negotiations, Key Account Management.
  • Maintaining interaction at very senior level CXO-level to establish relationships.
  • Managing technical Discussions between Customer (Scientists) & In-house experts (Techno-marketing meets).
  • Channel Management, Deliverables Management, creating Business Solutions for industry.
  • Designing the plan and strategy for the market and then take the team along for building business and market share.


  • Instrumental in Revenue Growth of 130% during the first year 2001 and by 103% in 2002 over last year as regards to the sales’ performance.
  • Efficiently crossed the 1 million $ for Annual sales during 2002, for the first time in India.
  • Acted as In-charge of the entire business since Jan 2002 for India and expanded the business-opportunities for the South Asian Region from July 2002 onwards
  • Participated as Member of Advisory Committee for small companies venturing into Bioinformatics in India.
  • Successfully strengthened relationship in the Life Sciences Domain, registered as a part of list, Invited Speakers in many International Conventions & Workshops for reach at the C-level.
  • Conducted ALL the techno-commercial presentations for building business in the territory and successfully managed the proposal of solution to the prospects/clients.
Aug 1999Jan 2001

Sr Area Sales Manager

Job Profile:

  • Act as a Profit Centre Head, lead a team of ~50 in Sales & Distribution Department while working with the National Sales Manager.
  • Complete responsibility of Sales & Marketing Management, Inventory management & accounts receivables.
  • Building business and brand image within the healthcare industry.
  • Responsible for the head-counts for the region and their performance.
  • Managing a team of managers and guiding them to drive their teams to grow the business in the state.
  • Training & mentoring teams periodically with relevant scientific and business information.
  • Develop the team dealing with the Hospitals and dispensaries business and manage the bulk consumers.
  • Held Additional charge of another state of Gujarat for 4 months and managed CFA & Distributors, conducting Internal Training and handled Staff Recruitment.


  • Efficiently turned around the Business from degrowth to growth in the First year of Management.
  • Instrumental in achieving 37% annual growth in Dec ‘99 and 63% growth of Prescription Products in 2000.
  • Improved the DSO / Receivable Outstanding to 27 days from 45 days.
  • Effectively represented Company in a Scientific Conference - All India Conference of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and received Appreciation from the Media, Organizers & Senior management.


Jan 2008Mar 2009




Managing distribution network Channel management Compliance / Documentation CRM  
Business Development Sales & Marketing Market intelligence (Asian Market) Product Positioning Pricing Solution Delivery & Negotiations
Specialisation in Asian Market Strategic Planning International Business Business Intelligence Start-up Operations P&L responsibility Finance & budgeting Managing marketing, MarComm & PR in Geography