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Extracurricular Activities

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Kappa Alpha Psi is a social fraternity at Purdue University which Strives for achievement. We host many philanthropies, informational seminars, and social events.

African Student Association at Purdue.

African Student Association at Purdue is a club mostly comprised but not limited to Sub-Saharan Africans. We do many philanthropies, cultural events, and fellowship.


Hello, my name is Kanteh Kamanda, I am a Senior at Purdue University. My major is Political Science and my minor is in Communication. I graduate in May 2012. I have held  jobs in sales and coaching and dealt with customer service for quite some time. I am a very people oriented person. I like to help and solve others problems, which is why I chose to be a political science major. My focus is on foreign policy and public policy. Three words that can describe me are; learned, articulate, and diligent. I have a vast knowledge of public policy and foreign policy of the United States, I am a great speaker, and very earnest in my tasks.


Anthony Sharpe

Anthony Sharpe is my college mentor and also was my advisor for my fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. I have known him for the past three years and he has helped me gear my focus into post college life and given me an immense amount of guidance on finding a career path best for me.

Maureen Ziboh

Dr. Ziboh has been my Pediatric Physician for the past 13 years. She has seen me mature into the young man I am today. She has been my mentor throughout the years and been a great source for advice and guidance.


Work experience

Jun 2011Present

Authorized Contractor

Encore Marketing/Comcast

I am an Authorized contractor for Comcast.I work through a Third Party vendor named Encore Marketing. I sell and make service contracts for Comcast customers. This is a sales and customer service position. I learned a lot of skills from the position. I did not know I would be dealing with customers problems because this is a sales position but quickly learned I would be solving a lot of queries and uncertainties. I was a go between for the customers and the comcast technicians. I improved my confidence and become extremely comfortable talking to strangers because of the importance of making a sale and surviving as a successful salesman. This job taught me to know my product well, because it will make selling it more comfortable and make me credible in what I was pitching to the customer.

Dec 2010Present


Follett's Bookstore

I was a cashier at Follett's Book Store; this position helped me understand the importance of customer service. Follett's taught me the importance of having good body chemistry to make me more approachable and to increase my chances of making add-ons to each of my sales. This is a position that I still hold. Customer Service is a strong point in this company.

Aug 2011May 2012

Retail Sales Representative

Apollo Stratmar Merchandising/Comcast

This is the same position as the one I hold with Encore Marketing but just another company in the city that I attend college in. I used all the skills and techniques I learned at Encore for my position with Apollo Stratmar Merchandising.

Jun 2006Aug 2007


South Bend Parks & Recreation

I was a Track coach for the South Bend Parks & Recreation department's Summer Track Program. I coached kids age 4-16 years old in various track & field events. I taught them proper form, stretching routines, and running styles. I learned to have patience and how to be punctual as this job had an early morning start everyday during the summer months. Coaching kids made me appreciate how I achieved my own skills in track & field because I felt like I would be making one of them a great runner in the future.


Aug 2007May 2012

Bachelor of Arts

Purdue University

Writing Sample & Presentation

Community Service