Basic (w/s) Intermediate+ (r).


Fluent (r/w/s).


Fluent (r/w/s).


2 classes from college.

ASP.NET & Web Services

1 class from college, exposure OTJ.

Visual C#/Visual Basic .NET/MSSQL/XML/XPath

2 years from college, 2 years on-the-job (OTJ).


2 years from college.


Primary operating system at home

Touch Typing

110+ WPM

LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP)

Used w/TGM and FrontRange.

XHTML/JavaScript, FTP

Used w/TGM and FrontRange.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2004 - Present

Technical Consultant and Volunteer

The Gnostic Movement

Primarily responsible for driving innovation on the Web Sites and in other technical areas. I work with a team of other people to accomplish this. Familiar with working in both test and live environments and controlling changes to ensure Web Site reliability. Also volunteered in other areas, such as teaching, general administration and advertising. Continue to gain a wide array of skills through the organization's projects.

Jan 2007 - Present

Lead Developer

WizOne Solutions

WizOne Solutions develops solutions and customizes CMSes in and based on PHP, including Drupal, WordPress, and osCommerce.

Apr 2007 - Jun 2009

Technical Analyst

FrontRange Solutions

Specialized in troubleshooting complex technical issues related to FrontRange ITSM's business process tool.

Majority of customers were 100% satisfied according to surveys.

Possessed consistently high incident closure rate (in accordance with role at the time).

Reduced third-level (developer) support escalations dramatically by resolving complex issues within Support - mine and those of my colleagues.

Consistently received performance merits.

Mar 2005 - Mar 2007


DeVry University Fremont
Tutored students in CIS, English, Math, etc...




Detail-oriented programmer and troubleshooter with a passion for fixing things that are broken and understanding the reasons. Specializing in C# on the desktop and PHP on the Web. Interested in enhancing existing systems, fixing/addressing anything to do with programming or software products, and not afraid to get hands dirty.


My main interests are in computer programming (particularly debugging and fixing things that are broken) and in learning new programming tricks and information.

I also love studying languages, and I speak three fluently, and one (French) almost fluently. I hope to one day apply both of these skills together. Maybe as a developer for international Web sites, or an internationalization consultant. Guess we will see!