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Work experience

Sep 2013Present

President, CEO

Battle Rock Communications, Inc.
May 2014Present

On-Air Personality, Production

Dec 2009Present

Voice Actor

The VO-Factory

The VO-Factory is a source for voice over talent, voice acting, state of the art digital recording, marketing and branding, plus audio production for radio and television commercials, corporate videos, narration, audio books, IVR/telephone systems, video games, animation characters and automated tours. The firm can also, at the clients request, provide "turn-key" concept development from start to finish.

Jun 2011Sep 2012

Chief Operations Engineer-Music Director

KVAY - Beacon Broadcasting

Music Director, (Music Row magazine reporter), management, sales, engineering, operations and programming consultant, F.C.C. compliance, EAS, public file, copy writing, production, daily on-air, imaging and promotion, research & marketing. Digital and analog audio,  audio streaming, server & networking, training and sales support. Leadership in updating and improving signal and audio chain, automation reliability.

Aug 1967Sep 2012

Gen. Mgr./Prog. Dir./Chief Eng./Sales Mgr.


-Experience in all aspects of professional commercial and non-commercial radio broadcasting in a variety of market-size stations extending over 43 years. Experience includes over a decade of experience in commercial television as well. The totality of the experience mentioned here would not fit within this space. Positions include CEO, General Manager, Market Manager, Station Manager, General Sales Manager, Marketing Consultant, Program Director, Production Director, announcer (booth/live), Chief Engineer, Corporate Engineer, engineering consultant, Promotions Manager, Arbitron and audience ratings for daily radio show in top 3 positions in all markets for nearly 20 years, winner of several regional and statewide production awards.

May 2009Nov 2009

Market Manager

Haystack Broadcasting, Inc.

Manages Sales Team including training, sales planning, promotion, copy writing, production. Also engineering planning, market development, community relations and FCC compliance. Act as legal chief operator for KLCK-AM, KYYT-FM and KWCQ-FM.

May 2008May 2009

Advertising Executive

Bicoastal Media Columbia River, LLC

Advertising sales executive involved with prospecting, client development, marketing, advertising concepts, business finance, in-store display design and business community leadership. Also assist with on-air programming, copy writing, production, remote broadcasts, engineering/technology projects.

Jul 2006Dec 2014

President, CEO, Senior Bishop

Rhema Christian Fellowship, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer and Bishop for non-profit ecclesiastical corporation for the purpose of promoting the Gospel, training and licensing ministers, supporting ministries and planting churches. The ministry is affiliated with The Missionary Church International, Columbia, South Carolina; a trans-denominational ministry.

Audio samples



  1. -authored employee policy manuals.
  2. -performed as Corporate Personnel Director.
  3. -recruited, hired and trained new employees.
  4. -discharged employees for cause.
  5. -developed and maintained monthly, quarterly and annual budgets.
  6. -initiated employee recognition & awards program (morale).
  7. -established periodic employee training program.
  8. -developed community and business cooperative relationships.
  9. -researched and developed complete and detailed business plans for several businesses and organizations.
  10. -conducted marketing surveys and published results.
  11. -established advertising plans for local, regional, national and political clients.
  12. -created an automated personalized sales presentation process.
  13. -invented and marketed several promotional tools (still used by many of the businesses).
  14. -developed area wide campaigns for business and government.
  15. -have experience in radio, television, newspaper, coupons, magazines, outdoor, yellow pages and specialty advertising as full-service advertising agency owner.
  16. -designed and executed several community events. (Concerts, home shows, trade shows, open houses, events,annual events, etc.)
  17. -performed as certified professional public speaker for conferences and seminars.
  18. -developed and presented several multimedia presentations. (video, audio, special effects, software, etc.)
  19. -awarded "Most Creative" commercial by Oregon Association of Broadcasters for copy writing and production.
  20. -as Program Director, station received Billboard Magazine "Country Music Station of the Year"-Small Market.
  21. -from home market of less than 50,000, programmed station with Arbitron scoring in top stations in two outside markets of 250,000 and 800,000+ populations.
  22. -programmed radio station performing as "Music Row", "Radio & Records" and "Gavin Report" reporting station.
  23. - developed music mix systems and clock hour wheels based on "time spent listening", "AQH" and "cume" sampling.
  24. -developed world-wide internet radio station including equipment, studio design, programming, imaging, web presence, audio codecs, sampling rates, digital audio & production.
  25. -as Market Manager over 5 month period, increased group sales and revenue 25+ percent, lowered operational costs, improved FCC compliance, improved Esprit De Corpse among station stakeholders, improved community image, developed sales training system, re-built marketing and sales, improved competitive advertising rate system.
  26. -successfully applied for technical license upgrades (major & minor changes) and new construction permits with F.C.C.
  27. -station remodels and equipment and systems upgrades, periodic engineering maintenance and planning.
  28. -local advertising and marketing seminar speaker.


Mikel Chavez

-Operation Manger, KDCQ-FM...current supervisor.

Jim Keightly

Jim and I have worked closely on a variety of broadcast and engineering projects.

Rich Lingle

-worked with Rich for client development and product execution.


  • Commercial Radio Broadcasting & Technology
  • Digital Technology
  • Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Amateur Radio
  • Church Ministry & Activities
  • Fishing, Hunting & Camping
  • Internet Radio, Electronics Projects (design & fabrication)
  • Community Service Projects
  • Drama, Theater and Public Speaking
  • Voice Acting
  • Writing Articles - for newspaper, online-blogs and magazines


When looking for the complete broadcast professional who has won national and regional awards, is self motivated, hard-working, a team player and leader, and life-long learner, please seriously consider the information offered here for your next  broadcast professional and tribal member.

When you need a seasoned professional for operations, programming, sales, engineering or nearly any aspect of broadcasting today, please consider the qualifications offered here. I like working  within a "tribe" who likes to make money, have fun, entertain, inform and, most of all, WIN.

Thank you for your consideration. Let's get to work.  Marsh Johnson, Sr.


The objective of the information offered here is to familiarize those owners and company executives who are seriously seeking a "tribal" member* to help your company or station group go to the next level. The qualifications here are more than book knowledge; containing decades of real life experience working "in the trenches" with fellow team members. From leadership and planning to finance and cash flow, to sales and marketing, to production and copy-writing, to award winning programming, to engineering and asset management, to FCC compliance and EAS; I look forward to our conversation about assisting with overcoming your challenges. I possess skill sets in most disciplines in Radio and Television broadcasting. Thank you, ahead of time, for your time invested in considering my skill sets and experience. I look forward to assisting your organization to gaining new heights. Call now...541-404-4390!

*"Tribes" - Seth Godin


Recognized Media Marketing Consultant


Ordained Minister

The Methodist Missionary Church International

Amateur Radio Extra Class

Federal Communications Commission

General Radiotelephone Operators License

Federal Communications Commission
Aug 1982Aug 1987

Certified Broadcast Engineer

Society of Broadcast Engineers


Jun 2006Dec 2009

Bachelor of Arts

Sure Foundation Institute

Studies include classes in exegetics, apologetics, hermaneutics, theology,  teaching & discipleship, sacrements, and administering a church. Received licensing & ordination.

Jan 2006Jun 2006

Associate of Arts

Sure Foundation Institute

Studies includies basic studies for ministerial credentials with Rhema Christian Fellowship, Inc.

Sep 1999Jun 2000

Certificate - Welding

Studies included metallargy, Computer Aided Drawing (CAD), blue-print reading, we;ding (all classes and positions), AWS certification and fabrication techniques (flat, pipe, geometric objects), trigonometry. Also, member of Phi Theta Kappa, honor society.

Sep 1967Jun 1980

Associate of Science

Studies included basic college level core classes plus economics, journalism law, comunications history, human resources management, labor law, electronics, radio station practicum, copy writing, commercial production and marketing. While completing studies, elected Student Body President and built and operated campus radio station, KMPS AM.


Voice Over, Voice Acting
-copy-writing, audio production -multi-track digital audio studio -radio and television commercials -voice tracking (broadcasting) -corporate training videos -narration -IVR/telephone response systems -audio books -video games -automated tours -multi-media presntations -sales, marketing and branding -animation charaters -voice talent
over 30 years as professional broadcast engineer in AM, FM, Internet and Television. designed and built professional recording and broadcast studios. designed, built, maintained and repaired transmitters and antenna systems. conducted FCC studies for STL and microwave paths and facilities. prepared applications for construction permits and licensing. designed and constructed translator and booster facilities. experienced in high power broadcast transmitters and antennas. professor of radio frequency theory and radio wave propagation.
Radio Programming
developed air talent to be competitive with major market stations in small market. recognized as superior radio station music researcher (Radio & Records, Music Row). designed music wheels, rotations and playlists based on audience research. personal audience ratings leader for over 20 years. wrote and produced radio station imaging (promos, liners, jingles & sweepers). taught and executed "creative theater of the mind" selling copy writing and production. wrote and executed competitive market-wide media plans and goals. hosted successful shows in all day parts. highly competitive broadcast professional with high personal standards. nationally recognized Country format Music Director and Program Director. innovative and creative talent and station promoter. reputation as a team builder and team member.
Station Management
Radio Station/Market Manager skills include:   Revenue  & Cash Flow Management Competitive Market Research & Analysis and Strategic Planning Broadcast Asset Management (Operations/Engineering) Revenue projections - planning & execution (including NTR) Personal sales/marketing leader Regional-National advertising sales development Sales Planning & development Growth planning & projections FCC compliance including Public File & EAS Political  & Public Agency advertising Leading edge technologies Station Licensing Music & program licensing Contract negotiation Advertiser, Listener & Community Relations Personnel development, training and management Programming and product development (analog/digital/web/app's) Engineering including technology applications Organization brand development  
Professional Trainer
Professional broadcast trainer:   Supervision & Team Building Advertising Sales and Marketing Copy Writing Commercial Production Station Imaging & Branding On-Air & studio voice Promotion - Station & Advertiser Satellite Technology & Automation Systems Electronics, Computers, Networking Engineering - Transmitters, Antennas, Audio Processing Audience research Budget & Finance  
Broadcast Management/Leadership
Extensive experience in broadcast management in the following areas:   Fiscal management Sales management Programming management Engineering management Corporate management (commercial/non-profit) Production management Promotion/marketing management Personnel management Asset Management FCC and government compliance Community relations Teacher/trainer