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Aug 2005May 2009

B.A. History, Concentration in Adolescent Education

Le Moyne College


Moodle E-Learning Software
Experience creating online classroom interfaces and activities such as discussions, large group assignments, and independent assignments. Experience with html encoding, document uploading, and website linking to create more interactive lessons.
Interactive Whiteboard Manipulation
Experience using the SmartBoard system and software for effective social studies instruction.
Wiki Design
Experience creating student-editable web-based classroom environments that solicit participation from all students.
Microsoft Office
Includes creating professional and educational papers, presentations, and spreadsheets with the use of Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel.


Sep 2009Sep 2014

Initial Teaching Certificate: Adolescent Social Studies 7-12

New York State

Lesson Portfolio

Historical Writing Samples


Online Learning

Classroom Wiki

This is a wiki I designed for students to utilize throughout the duration of my course.

Online Class

This is an online learning environment I designed using Moodle e-learning software. To access the class, please log in as a guest.

Courses Taught

Regents Global History and Geography 10                                (Student Teacher)

                                                                                                                Jan 2009 - Mar 2009

A general survey of global history and geography from 1500 onward for tenth grade students on a regents-core track.                                                                                                              

United States History 7                                                                    (Student Teacher)

                                                                                                                Mar 2009 - May 2009

The first part of a general survey on American History, focusing on pre-colonial times through the Civil War.

Educational Philosophy

First and foremost, just as in society it is everyone's right to feel physically and mentally safe, in the classroom it is every student's right to feel physically and emotionally safe, secure, and confident that his or her ideas and thoughts are respected by everyone present. The number one role of a teacher in a classroom is to ensure this happens for every student. The teacher should act as a role model for student behavior, teaching respect, acceptance of others, and personal responsibility to each and every student. If a student does not feel secure, safe, or respected, the learning environment diminishes and the meaning of a school community is nonexistent. Building community within the classroom is just as important as teaching the material of the content area.

My goal as a teacher, coming from a Jesuit Liberal Arts Education, is to build a community of life-long learners. In order to become fruitful participants in society, students must learn the importance of an education early on in life. Without education, our country and our world would be left to people who do not know how to run it. The children we teach today are the future of this world. If we do not instill the importance of an education in them today, how will they be able to handle the evolving world tomorrow?

A teacher's job is to strive to educate the whole person. This means that students will not only be immersed in their content area, but also be taught the importance of social interaction, empathy, problem-solving, and respect. This being said, it is also important to realize that students learn best when doing most of the work themselves, whether they initially realize this situation or not. This means that the role of the teacher is that of a facilitator rather than a direct instructor. Teachers must allow students to work together to problem solve, brainstorm, troubleshoot, and cooperate in order for them to understand situations, come up with solutions, and develop crucial interpersonal skills that they will need as they move beyond high school.

In the end, what needs to be understood is that every student has something unique and special about him or herself to offer both in the classroom and the world itself. A teacher's role is to help the student realize their uniqueness and potential to bring out their best work. Teachers must acknowledge the truth in different learning styles, embrace that truth, and work their best to help all students succeed in realizing their crucial role in today's society.