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Interests: Business, Economy, Information, Technology. Social Media, Social and Psychology, Marketing, Financial Education,Real Estate,Tourism, Sport Activities,Reading Books, Travel.


My objectives are:

to achieve international interest with the business I work for,

to travel for business trips to network,

to set group for investing for women,

to find jobs, plans and opportunities  in field of Organization and Management like Social Media and Real Estate

to focus on other business marketing strategies and etc. 


We can create videos on youtube platform for your company or any other profile or channel.
I can drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile and develop your profile like as your company one.
I can create you your wordpress website with anything you would like to have on. Other websites like  static or e-commerce I can outsource. I can manage,create and develop graphic for websites also.
I can create you fan page and manage it like also drive online traffic to your facebook for more interaction with customers. Facebook is always changing for updates so needs changes all the time.
Google Plus
I can manage your google plus account for your business with adding you to certain groups,creating you new ones,making your setup etc. You can be recognizable and your business on google plus.
I can develop your business foursquare account and drive online traffic for your business.
Hootsuite is the programm to manage social media posts. Scheduling the certain time and making the bundle of different social media platforms is the schedule plan I can provide.
Polish language
Translations into English from Polish and Polish into English language. Example 
Organization and Management
I have sense of organization skills and management used and learned through education.
I can manage your Twitter account with new creation of your followers,everything according to your needs.



Work experience