Mr. Tuan Mai is a Mechanical Engineer who successfully passed from University of Ilmenau (Germany) and was admitted in the University of Hannover (Germany) where he obtained his PhD in Materials Engineering. His academic achievements and outstanding scientific background enabled him to be employed as General Manager & CTO at KJ Laser Micromachining. In consideration to his qualifications, the company is allowing Mr. Tuan Mai to continue working with them to meet the high requirements of the market and improve company’s service.

KJ Laser Micromachining Company, founded in August 2001, is a leading company in the industry of laser micromachining in North America and Canada. The company utilizes high tech laser material processing and micromachining. The technology is equally functional on metallic and non-metallic materials. The company builds up best-tailored solutions for meticulous production of photonic and medical devices, defence and automotive components, seal gaskets, solar cells, SMT stencils and many more.

KJ Laser Micromachining
115 Thirtieth Street
Toronto, Ontario M8W 3C1
Tel: (416) 252-1061