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Branding Statement


Experienced and proven leader with record of consistent accomplishment in pioneering and building profitable businesses.  Committed to employee development through mentoring and leadership and building strong employee relations. Exceptional analytical, communication and interpersonal skills, combined with strong management background in sales, marketing, and multi-unit management.  Combining my talents and experiences, along with a consistent track record of success, to make an immediate, professional impact for your company.

Personal Management Philosophy

"The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but

real management is developing people through work."  Andrew Carnegie

I believe that organizations operate best when every member of the team has a common view of the organization's mission and vision set before them and are developed to independently carry out these functions.  The truest measurement of a leader's success is how well the organization operates when the leader is gone.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Achieved "Best of the Best" national recognition for 2009 through Superior Restaurant Operations.
  • Recognized for having 2 out of the top 100 best restaurants in the nation.
  • Founded company which achieved over 1 million in annual case sales within three years.
  • Attained eighteen years of successfully passing all food safety audits.
  • Managed the only certified corporate training store within a 50 store market area.


Work experience

Feb 1992May 2010

Taco Bell

District Manager

Served twelve years as a District Manager responsible for 6 - 8 restaurants.  Responsible for the staffing and development of store salaried management teams.  Executed bench plans, period business reviews, and product module rollouts.  Responsible for store operations including; sales, cost-control; P&L, corporate audits, customer metric measurements, and overall development of staff at each location. Conducted semi-annual store management reviews and outlined development plans.

Restaurant Manager

Served six years as a Restaurant Manager; opened 3 new units during that time.  Managed staffing, training, team building and all aspects of business training.  Responsible for store operations including sales, cost-control, P&L, corporate audits, customer metric measurements, and training and development of the team.  Also served as a Market Training Manager serving as the only certified training store for newly hired salaried management within a 50 store market area. 

May 1989Feb 1992

Specialty Beverage


Soft drink distribution company I founded that  initially serviced a two county area.  Expanded business to a four county area within one year.  Responsible for all company operations including, staffing and employee training, new product marketing, promotional programs, key account sales calls, and all other functions relating to building customer relations and soliciting new account growth.

Feb 1985Apr 1989

Pacific Ocean Pop

Sales Manager

Was hired to develop a soft-drink division within a Miller Beer Distributor.  Started company as the only employee.  I was responsible for the growth and development of beverage products that I was able to secure from various suppliers.  Responsibilities also included staffing and training, promotional programs, key account sales calls, and all other functions relating to building customer relations and soliciting new account growth.  Within a three year period the company was selling over one million cases annually with a sales staff of twenty five.


Problem Solving
There are many approaches to problem solving.  As a manager, I spent a great deal of time on solving problems and making decisions. I like to see a problem as an opportunity, more importantly, an opportunity for growth.  Identify and prioritize problems Look for causes of the problem Get feedback and alternative approaches from members of the team Select the approach and define accountability Monitor the implementation Evaluate the resolution
Planning and Delegation
Good delegation saves time, develops your people, grooms a successor, and motivates employees to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. The rate and extent of responsibility and freedom delegated to people is a fundamental driver of organizational growth and effectiveness, and the growth and well-being of your people. Set goals Involve the right people Clarify the goals and objectives Decide on accountability Support and communicate with people Evaluate and follow up
As a District Manager with Taco Bell for the past twelve years, I was part of the marketing team that made decisions relating to positioning the brand to maximize the opportunity to expand reach and exposure.  The team would meet quarterly to examine every aspect of consumer satisfaction as it related not only to our brand performance, but also how we stood in relation to our competition. Company Analysis Customer Analysis Competitor Analysis Product Price Promotion
Communication skills have been a major factor in the success I have achieved at every opportunity. Communication has the power to destroy or build relationships in every organization. I believe the key to success when working with a team able to recognize, respect, and adjust to other individuals way of communicating.  Training seminars, a Dale Carnegie course and a communication minor in college have all been instrumental in advancing my ability to be an outstanding communicator. Oral and written presentations Listening skills Ability to process and communicate information in a timely manner Open mindedness Accepting feedback Expressing encouragement and praise  
Team Builder
I have been in management my entire work career.  Have been recognized as a proven team builder at every opportunity up to and including the staffing, training, and development of teams at two new businesses.  Developed enhanced training systems which resulted in the certification of much more capable management candidates resulting in superior overall store operations such as improved customer metric measurements, sales growth, and strong P&L performence. Coaching in a clear and positive way to strengthen the team Setting direction and vision Communicating that vision passionately to all members of the team Helping the team understand and commit to the vision


Aug 1976May 1980

Bachelor Degree

Central Michigan University