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Jim Ferguson

“Jay is a very articulate and well spoken trainer/communicator. He has passion in everything he does and transfers that to his audience. I would recommend him highly in any endeavor he chooses to immerse himself or his company.”

Kristy Chastain

“Jay is one of the most charismatic and compassionate people I know. He will get to know you and your business to maximize marketing opportunities. To know Jay and work with him is a an honor and awe inspiring experience.”

George Lamelza

“No one is a stranger to Jay. If you don't know him you will. He is one of the most gifted individuals I know with the ability to learn and move forward in success. His ability to dissect business strategy with the final outcome turning business misdirection into a vision for business success.”

Tom Martinez

“Jay has a unique ability to think both strategically and tactically. His skill for developing and cultivating relationships has put him in a competitive advantage from his competition. Additionally, Jay is one of the hardest worker I know and makes it a priority to prepare and plan, which allows him to deleiver excellent presentations and work quality.”


Certifications & Honors

Langevin & Other Institutions

invyte™ Advertising Group

Headquartered in Springfield, MO with offices in Orlando and Denver.

invyte™ Advertising Group

invyte™ Advertising Group                                                                                                                  2009 - Present

Position: CEO


Locations: Springfield, MO / Denver, CO / Orlando, FL

Strategic Marketing & Brand Implementation via New Media Advertising The intention of invyte™ is to reach out to businesses who desire to revolutionize their core marketing efforts as it relates to their advertising. Productivity is defined as having distinctive power of producing quality. In fact, most advertising mediums do not provide the necessary information for executives to make sound decisions and as a result, the advertising plan is more of a fishing expedition, casting the bait and waiting for a strike; rather than hunting, skillfully attacking the game with an accurate blow. invyte™ holds tight to this definition of productivity and provides leadership through each step of the process. invyte™ is a brand of two separate worlds – Marketing guru’s and Internet geeks. The mastermind of this brand was formed to show businesses world-wide that brand discovery, marketing plans, advertising segments, and online campaigns can work together to revolutionize business.

Work History - DiamondLot

DiamondLot                                                                                                                                                2004 - 2006

Position: Director of Marketing & Training


Locations: 38 US States

Responsible for leading a cross functional team that developed and upgraded all sales support functions which includes; sales process development analysis, contract administration, proposal development, all sales training, new technology implementation, sales competencies, strategic account management strategies as well as the launch and management of the nation wide 'Brand Marketing Strategy'.

  • Initiated sales structures that maintained growth, which led to an 80% increase in sales awareness
  • Evaluated current training curriculum and brought a fresh sales training strategy.  This evaluation increased sales training correspondence for senior management 50%.
  • Designed all training materials for Nation-wide distribution, which included Manuals (Instructional included), Promotional Items (shirts, hats, equipment) and interactive training CD's.
  • Developed strategic partnerships with other businesses to gain market share and market awareness.  Doing this increased our sales by 6% in quarter 1 of 2005 and increased by 6% in quarter 2 of 2005 (Both percentages were based on previous sales of 2004).
  • Created a 'Brand Marketing Strategy' which grew the placement of the DiamondLot logo and apparel by 50%.  It also increased the distributor involvement in Co-Op opportunities.
  • Managed and directed all operations within the Customer Service Department, Regional Managers and Marketing Department which supported over 600 dealers and 25 distributors nationwide.

Work History - Jacuzzi Brands, Inc.

Jacuzzi Premium Spas (Jacuzzi Brands Inc.)                                                                                2003 - 2004

Position: National Sales Trainer


Locations: 100 Countries

Responsible for reorganizing sales training curriculum which included; development and upgrade all sales training modules which includes; leading all Regional Managers who were solely responsible for their territory growth in sales through training, implementing new training technology, sales competencies and several needs analyses which allowed senior management determine projected and actual growth figures while determining future curriculum for sales training.

  • Initiated the development of a training department team, which created new policy standards for all training seminars.  Improved planning time by 28%
  • Analyzed current curriculum and brought a fresh sales training strategy to the spa industry, which slowly gained credibility for the desired growth and performance goals; which increased sales training correspondence for senior management 50%.
  • Directed research and development to create and design new sales strategies to correspond with the new sales curriculum, which was responsible for over 1,000 learners and over 250 dealerships across North America.  Reduced development time 30%.
  • Designed all learner notebooks for each course and module(s) and designed leader's guide for each course; which facilitated all PowerPoint sales seminars.  Increased performance levels 28%.
  • Managed the development and implementation of all sales seminar application including the mapping of training, location legal contracts, training curriculum and regional attendance.
  • Recruited outside sources for implementing a state-of-the-art on-line / live training program, which accrued great response from the dealer base and improved learner / sales motivation 45%.


A graduate of University Of Colorado, Martinez is the founder of Fortune Development Group. He started his career with the international company Morgan Stanley and was later recruited by Jacuzzi Brands, Inc. as the National Sales Trainer. Martinez gained national recognition for his ability to dissect business opportunities and communicate them to a broad audience. As a Key Note Speaker in Atlantic City, NJ, he was approached by Donald Trump's team to be part of a new NBC show, The Apprentice.  Today Jay Martinez provides leadership for Fortune Development Group, LLC and its growing subsidiaries.  Martinez continues to diversify his vision of assisting companies with their strategic and brand focus. For more information visit


Corporate / Executive

Marketing Management

Executive director and officer with expertise in: developing, creating and implementing new corporate marketing strategies that increase productivity on a nation wide scale. Orchestrating key sales systems that leverage growth within department and strategically designing marketing / brand plans to achieve and exceed financial goals. Key competencies include:

  • Budget Projections/Planning
  • Curriculum Design
  • Customized Training Modules
  • Growing New Business
  • Leadership Training
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Mentoring Process
  • Performance Improvement Planning
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Project Management
  • Recruiting/Training
  • Strategic Learning Modules

Fortune Development Group

Fortune Development Group                                                                                                              2005 - Present

Position: Founder, Managing Partner


Locations: Arkansas, Colorado, California, Florida and Missouri

Fortune Development Group was developed as a corporate holding company whereby executivestaff assist in acquiring, building and leading new businesses managed by Fortune DevelopmentGroup.

  • Acquired franchise and distribution rights to DiamondLot; an automotive industry product.  DiamondLot photographs vehicles, prints and hangs window stickers and sends the vehicle information to all internet websites associated with the dealerships and/or manufacturer.
    • CEO of DiamondLot Missouri
    • Chairman of DiamondLot of Colorado
    • Chairman of DiamondLot of Nebraska.
    • Corporate website:
  • Acquired franchise and distribution rights to CallSource. They are in the business of tracking advertising results, and effectiveness. Currently, the business is tracking over 500,000 ads.
  • Started invyte™ Advertising Group, LLC. invyte™ is a partnership between Fortune Development Group LLC and Team Media LLC that brings together the Brand Strategy and Marketing Segmentation impact of Fortune with the expertise of Implementation Marketing and Online Media Ergonomics™ of Team Media. The business has worked with the PGA, 2011 Florida Bowl Game and others.
  • Acquired franchise location for Subway. Subway is the second-largest quick service chain. It boasts more than 31,000 locations in 90 countries, with more US locations than the Golden Arches. Plans are to venture out into additional locations in the near future.
  • Fortune Investments of Missouri, LLC. This organization invests in property throughout SW Missouri. With proper management and construction affiliates, their specialty is purchasing and selling homes within 6 months.