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Apr 2010Present

Psychology and Community Services

Ngee Ann Polytechnic


- Photography.

- Music.

- Art.

- Fashion.

- Communication.

- Social work.


My course, Psychology and Community Services, has taught me a lot about understanding how society behaves and what are stimulants and motivation of people. I have selected to go the polytechnic route after a year of junior college because I decided that my interest lies in psychology, and I would also like to help people as much as I can. Through my working experiences, I realise that psychology is being applied everyday and this further sparked my curiousity in finding out more.

My personal interest would be in reading body language. As I always wanted to work as a detective or an interrogator from young, I find that enrolling in this psychology course might just be the beginning to my journey of achieving my ambition. Having watched shows about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), I hope to become like one of them and use my knowledge of psychology.

I find studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic enriching and fulfilling as I enjoy my lessons everyday. Every lesson has succeeded in gaining my attention due to my huge interest in the course. I definitely have no regrets picking the polytechnic route.


Work experience

Mar 2010Apr 2010



In Adore, which is a ladies shoe shop in Raffles Place, I work as a cashier and promoter. This job has taught me how to do things fast because during the lunch hour, there are many office ladies who come down to shop and as their lunch time is limited, some of them have low patience and I have to expedite all my actions to satisfy them so that they will come down to buy from us again. Also, this job has given me more opportunities to interact with customers and this has allowed me to improve on my charisma. I have also learnt to do paperwork, which includes the sales summary and ledger. In addition, I have made use of Adobe Photoshop to enhance photos of the shoes for advertisement purposes.

Jan 2010Mar 2010

Sale Executive


I have been working at Lace as a sales executive. As part of my job, I promote apparel and accessories in the shop, as well as take the role of a cashier. Doing this job has allowed me to improve my communication abilities with customers, learnt to be able to fold clothes and wrap them up in a nice and decorative manner, and it has also taught me to be more patient. I have learnt form this job about observation of customers' actions and speech which might lead me to know more about their tastes and this can be applicable to other aspects of life as well.

Jan 2010Jan 2010

Sales Assistant


I have worked at BEGA as a sales assistant, learning how to fold the clothes nicely, pack the storeroom. This job did not involve a lot of interaction with customers, but I have learnt how the shop functions and how they keep the customers coming back. Also, I have learnt how they organise the storeroom and ship in new orders daily. As BEGA is a consistently crowded shop, I have learnt to deal with pressure as well as patience. With lots of things to do and so little time, even hardly enough time for meals, I have practised self-determination to keep going and survive the hectic work life at BEGA.


Dec 2004Present


Ministry of Education
Dec 2008Present

GCE 'O' levels

Ministry of Education
Dec 2009Present

GCE 'A' levels

Ministry of Education