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Raised and educated in the United Kingdom, Anna Kizirian has worked for many years as a teacher, administrator, and educational consultant in the Middle East, particularly the United Arab Emirates. The recipient of a teaching certificate, Bachelor’s degree in education, and a Master’s degree in educational management, Anna Kizirian began her career in primary-school education, eventually working her way up to a position as a sales manager for Macmillan, specializing in educational materials. Following this job, Anna Kizirian was offered the opportunity to work via Worldwide Education Services London, teaching and advising at the Naseem School in Bahrain. Since attaining that position, Anna Kizirian has primarily worked in various educational settings in the Middle East. Her first lengthy tenure was at the Bahrain Bayan School, where she took the school through the Middle States certification (nursery school–grade 6). In her time at the Bahrain Bayan School, Anna Kizirian taught second grade, coordinated English programs, and ultimately became the principal of the primary school, a job she held for two years before her husband’s transfer to Dubai. Since her move to Dubai, Anna Kizirian has been involved as a consultant on educational projects, including the Innoventures Investment Group, where she was the Consultant for the first full IB school in Dubai. Anna Kizirian currently serves as a consultant through her own company, Proactive Management Consultancy. Her abilities as a consultant range from determining a proper location and completing regulatory paperwork to choosing a curriculum and books to hiring teachers, including those from outside of the Middle East. Anna Kizirian has also managed budgets, helped to design school Web pages, overseen student admissions and enrollment, and occasionally evaluated and improved existing schools in other countries.

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