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Additional Details

I will have all transactions take place through my paypal account; therefore, if you are inclined to donate and/or become a sponsor please don't hesitate to call or email me.  Please see the note in the upper right corner or visit to make a direct donation.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 303.908.0076

JOIN ME (literally)

I can't possibly put into words how much I want others to join me.  I am hoping that people from all over can find a way to throw on a back pack and meet me along the way.  If you are at all open to the idea of walking with me for an hour, a week, or a month - please check out the state-map links above and get in touch via email or phone (listed above).

Let's get creative! 

Support a team!

Please see the ChipIn! button on the Who page on my main website: to donate towards a team.

You can also go directly to the ChipIn! page/Paypal account here: KivaWalk PayPal

Thank you!

Support Teams

I have created the following support teams to make Kiva Walk 2010 a reality. Each team can be comprised of individuals, families, groups, and/or businesses/organizations. Each team and/or sponsor will be posted on my website as a valued partner and is encouraged to creatively participate and engage. 

(RED marking shows current donors and changes to original budget)

Media, Gear, and Konoa: 

Team Media Mobile (Phone): PDA/Blackberry with wifi capabilities so I can update website, research communities, and connect with people.

Total: $1700

- Options/examples: Blackberry BOLD, Droid, Storm 2

- Suggested service provider: Verizon Wireless

- Average Phone Cost: $200.00

- Average Bill-Monthly: $100.00

- Total cost for year: $1400.00

Team Gear 1 (Essentials): Lightweight gear/apparel necessary for ever-changing weather conditions, healthy water, and supply/food storage. (I have simply given examples of the ideal equipment and am open to alternative products)

Total: $1045

- JanSport Carson 80 Back Pack - $115.00

- Back Pack rain/protection covers - $30.00 each (2)

- Sleeping Bag (Northface Superlight Zero degree bag, large - $300.00)

- Reliable & Light Weight Water Filter - $200.00

- Light weight inner, mid, insulation, and outer layer clothing (non-cotton pref.) - $300.00

- MSR Pocket Rocket Stove - $40.00

- Headlamp - $30.00

Team Gear 2: Special products and accessories that would add great value throughout the trek.

Total: $300

- ProLite 4 Sleeping pad - $100.00

- Peg (Energy Conserving Belt) - $200.00

Team Konoa: Innovative gear for my energy-enhanced companion (husky/shepherd mix) Kanoa.

Total: $245

- Ruffwear’s Palisade’s Pack - $130.00

- Ruffwear’s Bark’n Boots - $60.00

- Zoomback Advanced GPS Pet Locater - $40.00

- Travel Dog Bowl - $15.00

Trail, Food, and Health:

Total Budgeted Expense for 10 months: $7550.00

- Personal Food - $4200 ($15/day for 10 months)

- Bottled Water - $500 (Emergency use in case of faulty/dirty filter and/or no water sources)

- Dog Food - $750 ($75/month)

- Medical Coverage - $1200 (Insurance payments $90/month including personal & veterinary  emergency back-up)

- Hostel/Hotel Accommodation for 3 weeks worth - $900 ($43/night)

The following are teams created for each state I will walk through on my route.  These numbers are based on the percentage of total journey mileage and the total Trail, Food, and Health budget listed above.

Team Delaware (1%) - $75.50

Team Maryland (5%) - $377.50

Team West Virginia (6%) - $453.00

Team Ohio/Kentucky (10%) - $755.00

Team Indiana (7%) - $528.50

Team Illinois (4%) - $302.00

Team Missouri (7%) - $528.50

Team Kansas (11%) - $850.50

Team Colorado (22%) - $1661.00 - $1436.00


- Joe Osbourne

- David DeForest - Stalls

Team Utah (11%) - $850.00

Team Nevada (9%) - $679.00

California (7%) - $528.50

Please contact me via email at: [email protected] or via phone at: 303.908.0076


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