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*Results-oriented, detailed professional with more than three years of accounting experience.

*Proficient with MS Office, Windows XP, and the Internet.

*Background includes consistent promotions to positions of increased responsibility.

*Possess strong analytical and problem solving skills, with the ability to make well thought decisions.

*Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


Seeking a position as an Accounting Assistant where extensive experience will be further developed and utilised.

Work experience

Nov 2004Apr 2010

Accounts Payable

Refrigeration& Electric Supply Co

Was hired as a Purchasing Agent based on experience from All Steel Homes. Almost a year later was asked to act as Project Manager when the owners bought a new software program called Prophet21. Learned the program from top to bottom and teach it to all the employees at all eight stores. Then worked with two of the Branch Managers to pull the information out of the old system and dump it into the new system while still acting as a Purchasing Agent. One year after we went live on the new system the Accounts Payable Manager got married and moved. Promoted to Accounts Payable Manager. Created standard procedures for each area of the position so that the work was done faster and more accurately. Set up notifications on Outlook so that no discounts were missed. Trained other personnel on Accounts Payable duties in case of illness or paid time off.

Aug 2003Nov 2004

Purchasing Agent

All Steel Homes Inc

Was hired to replace the receptionist when who was promoted after the Purchasing Agent quit. Three days later was promoted to Purchasing Agent and  the other girl returned to the receptionist desk. The company is now called Kodiak Steel Homes. Updated contracts and pricing. Used spreadsheets to make it possible to update the cost on all of the purchase orders by updating one spreadsheet that was linked to the rest. Each model of homes had specific purchase orders that directly linked to the contracts to update the selling price even when certain "extras" were added on or removed from the package. This way the outside sales personnel only needed to check off what part(s) of the package the customer wanted and the contract would calculate the selling price.


Aug 1995May 1998

High School Diploma

Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School


Microsoft Word
Using a sql query written in Excel to extract data from another program the information can then be transferred to Word by using mail merge.
Microsoft Excel
Can write formulas, link multiple spreadsheets, and write sql queries.