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Work experience

St Luke's Magic Valley Medical Regional Hospital

Oct 2004Present

Instructor/Education assistant

I started out as a certified nurses assistant.  I worked my way up to a CHUC (certified health unit coordinator).  I have worked all units in the hospital including but not limited to inpatient tower and psych units.  I then applied for my current position which is instructor/education assistant.  In this role I teach a number of classes (CPR, HUC Classes, Time and attenance, etc.).  I am also the point of contact in communication between departments and leadership for CNA's and HUC's.

Country Spice Residential Care Facility

Feb 2001Sep 2004

Evening Superviser

I was the 3 P.M. to 11P.M. supervioser of a 27 bed assisted living facility.  I was responsible for all staff and residents during my shift.  I handled all narcotic counts, two medication passes, medication reordering, monthly medication sheets, and any treatments (oxygen, dressing changes, etc.).  Supervised at least one other employee during the hours of 4 P.M. to 8 P.M.  Between the two of us we made sure the evening meals got served on time and the residents had snacks.  Helped to develop activities for the residents to keep them active, we did things like movie nights, game night, and walks.  Assisted in scheduling conflicts.  Even when it ment I had to stay for 16+ hours to help make sure the patients got the care they needed.  Trained a multiple amount of new staff on proper procedures and standards.


Sep 1997Dec 2000

Shift Manager

I worked the opening, midsection, and closing shifts as a shift manager.  I was responible for all staff on which ever shift I was on (ranging from 6 to 12 staff on any given day.  I made sure employees got breaks and also monitored projected and actual sales to make sure we made enough money to keep all the staff there.  I took care of the cash flow and deposits while on duty.  Maintained duties for employee on keeping things clean and enough product for customers.  Held incentive programs to help improve quality and speed of the orders.  Generated reports, managed productivity hours, etc.  I was food certified while employeed with the company to help with better food quality.  Handled all patient complaints in a professional and understanding manner. 


College of Southern Idaho

Aug 2010Present

Associates of Communication

I started out taking classes for the RN program and then found out I

struggle with Science so I switched to Communication degree. The

classes I am taking or will have taken by the end will include:

Communications, Intrapersonal, Intercultural Communication, Critical

Thinking and Argumentation, Intro to Mass Communications, Buisness

and Professional Speaking, and Digital Communications. My goal is to

increase my knowledge in communications and then advance my degree

into a Masters in Healthcare Communications.

Education Direct

Feb 2002Sep 2002

Medical Office Assistant (Not Certified)

Passed program with an A. Areas of focus were: medical terminology,

strategies in time and stress management, written communications,

filing, medical records, PC instructions, keyboarding, word processing

and financial management. I took these classes to improve my

knowledge and help me better in my job, but never go certified as a

medical office assistant.

Blue Mountain Community College

Sep 2001Nov 2001

Certified Nurses Assistant

CNA License. Passed with an A, learned the basics of aide work. I was

already working in the role just did not have my certification. I took class

again to increase my knowledge at the time and to better care for

residents and to better train new staff to appropriate procedures.

Autry Vo Tech

Jul 1998Dec 2000

Licensed Practical Nursing (Not Licensed)

Scored high on my high school ASFAB testing to get into the LPN

program right after hight school. I had excellent marks from both

instructors and medical staff in my clinical time. For this program I was

CPR.First Aid certified, took IV therapy, as well as numerous other classes

to help in that role.

Garber High School

Aug 1994Jun 1998

High School Diploma

GPA 3.2, took 4 years of computer programing. Secretary in the FHA club.

Received the Claire Allen Scholarship. Served as school counselors

assistant and office assistant.




2000-2015 Presentation

This link take you to a presentation that I created and presented on the changes in mass media over the last 15 years.  I learned that no matter how much we do not want the technology world to change, it will whether we want too.  There is no changing how advanced technology is getting.


Link to privacy presentation





Microsoft Office Programs

I took 4 years of computer programing in high school. I have also taken the computer lit. class

in college. I work with these programs daily and if I am always learning new things in these



I communicate on a daily basis with many different types of people. I am by far not a rockstar

becasue I still have so much to learn (but I love to learn and I am a quick learner). I teach CPR,

payroll and scheduling, and several other classes. I maintain my exellent scores with my

evaluators in these classes and strive to do better in way I can to help them learn better.


I teach a number classes ranging from all different learning styles. I am able to adjust the

infomration to the needs of the individuals and still keep it consistant with the job.


I have had over 15 years of experience within the healthcare field. I am current in medical

terminology, patient care, processes, admission/discharge, and work very closely with

ancillary departments to ensure patient/staff safety.

Disaster Awareness

I have been to Anniston Alabama for incident command training in the event of a disaster

and find this very interesting, especially if there is a chance to improve knowledge and awareness in surrounding area.


I have found that I am very interested and curious about how we education employees and

how to improve that process to increase satisfaction. I am always looking for ways to

improve myself and others. I tend to think outside the box and see how we can include others

that change has a tendancy to affect as well.


I can take a bad situation and work it out in a positive way. I can look at a bigger picture and

figure out which way to go with it, not in a negative view. I can generally calm a situation

down if it has esculated to far and then work with individual in a compromise.


American Heart Association

Aug 2015Present

Training Center Faculty Basic Life Support

I am a mentor to other Basic Life Support Instructors.  I work with other St Luke's Instructors to maintain the American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR.  I monitor classes to insure appropriate instructions of class.  I monitor instructors for renewal  eligablity.

American Heart Association

Aug 2011Present

Basic Life Support Instructor

Instructor CPR

Teach hospital and community basic life support. Remain current in my

own skills and knowledge (updates) of basic life support.

Idaho Board of Nursing

Nov 2001Present

Certified Nurses Assistant

Certified Nurses Assistant

Idaho Board of Nursing

Care for patients in healthcare setting. Uphold to appropriate procedures

from the state of Idaho and my facilities policies and procedures. Ensure

patient safety as well as mine and my coworkers.

National Association of Health Unit Coordinators

Feb 2002Feb 2014

Certified Health Unit Coordinator

Certified Health Unit Coordinator

National Association of Health Unit Coordinators

Received this certification to help increase my knowledge and become

part of the NAHUC organization. Working on becoming certified again to

help facility and others as well so we can become NAHUC assosiated. This

will help increase knowledge base in Idaho and bust moral within the

HUC group.


Vickie Gabert/ Payroll Scheduler

Friend and co-worker

Kristine Pollard


Valerie Leonard / Sr Director

Sr Director of Medical, Surgical, Cardiopulmonary, Clinical Support Unit, Administrative Supervisors, Staffing Office, & Out Patient Infusion Clinic

Current manage and friend

Danika Severe/ Director of Learning Services

Current Director of education


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