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  • Experience with social media management and crowdsourcing. In-depth knowledge of Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter, and website-building.
  • Experienced radio personality and manager with detailed understanding of the inner workings of a radio station
  • Eagle-eyed writer and editor
  • Live and at-home sound editing
  • Proficiency in Logic, Microsoft Word and Excel, Final Draft, Photoshop

Career Highlights

  • Independently promoted and managed a Kickstarter campaign for my debut album, The Ulysses Project. My efforts, which included a weekly video series, resulted in exceeding the project's goal of $2800.
  • On-air DJ at WCBN-FM Ann Arbor for five years with experience in freeform and creating, managing, and maintaining speciality shows.
  • Taken an active role in the station's executive staff for four and a half years. Elected to represent WCBN at WFMU’s Radiovision Conference in 2011 and 2012.
  • Chosen to be included on Lisbon-based major label Clean Feed Record’s I Never Meta Guitar III, a compilation of “solo guitar pieces for the 21st century.”

Work experience


Guitar and Vocal Instructor

School of Rock Ann Arbor

I brought a more vigorous approach to learning music than the other teachers. I kept the institution's emphasis on having fun in tact while pushing my students forward through time-keeping and finger-independence exercises with a metronome, learning solos using a program to slow down the material, and accumulating basic music theory.


Guitar Instructor

Michigan Music Academy

In this more formal setting, I found myself having to emphasize during my lessons that learning guitar can be both fun and challenging. I integrated exercises with songs that the students knew and loved to keep them driven and content. 


Events Coordinator

WCBN-FM Ann Arbor

When my tenure began, events at WCBN happened sporadically. I ensured that WCBN hosted at least one event a month. I organized shows around Ann Arbor featuring bands and speakers from around the country and made sure each event received ample promotion through posters, ads, and on-air promos.


Manager of Media Communications

Change the Beat

Change the Beat is a budding organization to help disadvantaged youths. I was brought in at the project's inception because the organizer knew nothing about social media, crowd funding, or website building. I had a key role in building up the project to maximize appeal and professionalism, including naming the organization and collaborating on a logo design. I edited the organizer's jumbled biography and mission statement into cohesive, engaging narratives and constructed a clean, intriguing website template around them.


Manager of Media Communications

International Society of Improvised Music (ISIM)

I was brought on to help build hype for the 2014 conference in New York City. During my tenure, I more than tripled ISIM's Twitter followers and greatly increased the flow of interactive content from both its Twitter and Facebook pages. When I noticed at the 2014 conference that gigantic pool of potential for engagement with the New York scene went entirely untapped, I designed an initiative for a series of concerts to promote the conference around its host city and attract a greater audience. 


Music Review and Editorial Writer

This is Fake DIY

I was one of the first writers when this British online music magazine was starting up, providing them with a unique perspective and reviews of State-side events, such as Lollapalooza. My work was so respected that I was sent to review a Bon Iver concert in Chicago. My editorial about the exchange between Radiohead and the modern jazz community received a great deal of hits and shares.


Program Director

WCBN-FM Ann Arbor

I was one of the fastest Program Directors in WCBN's history when it came to organizing and posting the new semester's schedule - one DJ pointed out I was the first "to actually post the schedule online before it was already active." I learned a great deal about managing people's whims into a functioning organization and professional reprimand. I was quick and persistent about responding to missing DJs and unclaimed subs, thereby guaranteeing the station ran smoothly.



Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz & Contemplative Studies, Creative Writing Minor

University of Michigan

Graduated with Honors