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-Trustworthy and reliable

-Willing to learn new things

-Mature and responsible

-Good with children

-Never late or absent from school


-Can take constructive criticism 

 -Will always be on time

Work experience

Lemonade stand

I had to work the lemonade stand at our towns festival. I made lemonade. I collected money and counted change. I also replaced the ice and other ingredients when it was necessary.

Concession stand

I worked the concession stand at a middle school football game. I took peoples orders and helped prepare the food and get drinks out of the cooler.

Girl scouts

I was in girl scouts when I was younger for many years. Every year we sold cookies. We went around and asked people if they would like to buy cookies and ordered them, collected money, and distributed the cookies.


I have a lot of experience with babysitting because I have a lot of younger cousins that i'm around all the time and I watch them when their parents need me to. I also have helped my mom when she used to babysit kids.



Highschool education

New London Highschool

Sophomore in highschool. Maintaining a gpa of above a 3.0.


Reliable and Trustworthy

I am able to be trusted with anything and you can always rely on me to get the job done.

Good with children

I am very good and love working with young kids. Lots of experience with babysitting.

Fast learning

I can catch onto things rather quickly.


I'm not afraid to talk to others and be social.