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I'm a SQL developer trained by DBAs to be conscientious of how my code affects underlying systems. I love writing simple, elegant T-SQL, doing performance optimization, designing scalable databases, and learning and improving new systems. I love to teach and love to learn.

Work experience

Feb 2014Present

BI SQL Developer-DBA


Extensive authoring and improvement of T-SQL objects. Query optimization. Index tuning and maintenance. SSIS wrangling. Database design, including fact and dimension tables. Monitoring of system health with DMVs, trace, and xEvents. Excellent at pattern recognition, expedient problem solving, and simplifying highly technical concepts.

Mar 2011Feb 2014

SQL DBA Developer


Responsible for developing, maintaining, and supporting mission-critical internal applications in a high-volume, high-availability OLTP environment. Perform standard development duties including T-SQL scripting and ad-hoc queries, creating scheduled jobs, SSIS packages, automated ETL processes, stored procedures, functions, and triggers. Design and maintain database systems for internal software applications with consideration to potential long-range business requirements, performance, and scalability. Utilize query execution plans, optimization techniques, and monitoring to take a proactive approach towards issue identification and resolution. Ensure data integrity and cleanliness for reports, dashboards, and applications. Collaborate with application developers, project managers, quality assurance, and business stakeholders during the development lifecycle from requirements gathering, effort estimates, database design, status updates, and mentoring end users.

Oct 2007Mar 2011

Jr SQL Developer


Develop, test, and deploy custom stored procedures to identify requested customer sets for targeted marketing campaigns. Monitor and optimize key database processes for the generation of email marketing campaigns.



BA in Philosophy

Northern Arizona University



I've designed procedures, functions, and scheduled jobs. Am familiar with ranking and aggregate functions, query hints, and join types.

Query Optimization

I've fixed missing indexes, bad joins, unnecessary complexity, implicit conversions, functions in joins, bad query plans, and much more.


Adept at creating ideal indexes, combining duplicates, and managing fragmentation.

Database Design

Experienced with designing scalable systems using optimal datatypes and BI systems of Fact and Dimension tables.


I currently move just under a billion rows nightly via an SSIS Project.


Proficient with DMVs, SQL trace, and xEvents to gauge database health.