• Calgary AB

Kiran Elias-Singh

High School student

Work experience

Work experience


Jan 2011 - Present

Showing up punctually, cooking meals for the children, being responsible as a caregiver, cleaning up after the kids, take the kids out on outings, keeping the children entertained, getting them to bed, and bathing them.


Jan 2008 - Present

I was responsible for showing up on time to take the dog(s) for the day while the owner to work, walk the dog, feed them, bath them and over all just give the dogs love.

House Cleaner

Oct 2012 - Present

I am responsible for getting myself to client's homes on time, keeping their key safe, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, washing the floors, and washing the windows. I am also responsible for locking up the client's home after I am done my job.



Sep 2014 - Jun 2015
Centennial High School

Completed Grade 10 with an average of 80-90%

Continuing on to attend Grade 11 in the fall




I am a very social-able person, I love to be friendly and smile. I think I'd be a great candidate for a position working with people directly.


I am very punctual, I come in on time and ready, I am a very reliable and trust worthy person.

Attentive learner

I am very quick to learn new skills, I apply myself well at



Certified Babysitter

Red Cross

I attending a two week babysitting course where I learned all the necessary skills to be a responsible care giver to the kids I babysit. The Red Cross taught me how to perform basic first aid, basic CPR, what to do in a emergency situation, and over all how to be a responsible babysitter.

Champion Award

Sep 2014 - Jun 2015
Centennial High School

I received the Champion Award along with 50 other students out of 1500 students in my school. Only one student per class was selected for being a positive leader,  a hard worker, and a determined learner. My V.P. and my teacher awarded me with this certificate in recognition of all my hard effort.


Joe Sturgeon - Assistant Principle of Centennial High School


(403)-256-8140 ext. 2803

Audrey Kerr - Babysitting client


(403) 305-8039

Reyanne- Youth Worker at the Boys and Girls


(403) 253-7097