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Social Media
     The mandatory Twitter and Soundcloud embeds for each article submitted has really helped me with my social media skills.  I now know how to embed a tweet for a site and create a soundcloud, actions I could never do before FDP.
     I feel this year has really helped my solidify the basic use of photography and how to take a good picture that is appealing to the eye.  With deadlines and quick photos that need to be shot that very minute, the Dragon Press has helped me with my skill of Photography get stronger.
Fashion Writing
     When I first came to the Dragon Press I felt that I had a great skill to fashion.  But the Dragon Press has really helped me develop the skill about writing about fashion and how to attract the audience.  Having to research more about different types of clothing and ensembles have also helped me strengthen my fashion writing abilities.  



     Loyalty as a trait appeals to me regarding The Foothill Dragon Press because we have a name and reputation to uphold and our team must have a huge amount of loyalty to our newspaper in order for our site to flourish.  Without the teams loyalty we would crumble and this year through FDP I have really learned what it means to be loyal.

     As a first year staffer I have seen the loyalty that my editors and past staffers have for this publication. They strive to keep it the best it can be and more.  Seeing that type of loyalty from my own peers has helped me stay loyal with the Dragon Press.  I feel I have been very loyal to the Dragon Press and have helped keep the vision that we want for this publication.  Loyalty in the Dragon Press has taught me to commit and create wonderful work, because others are depending on you. 


Community oriented extra-curricular activities I am involved in:

  • Rubicon Theatre Company: volunteer, actress, tech
  • FIRE Crew
  • Kiwins
  • President of Drama Club
  • Company's All-district Show-choir
  • NHS
  • VITA Arts Center
  • Performance Theatre for Young Artists
  • Ventura City Corps.


Best Work

Work experience

Jun 2011Present

Stage Manager and Costumer

Rubicon Theatre Company

Assists as backstage crew in order to have a run of a professional theatre production perform within 3 weeks. 

Aug 2013Present

Fashion Writer

Foothill Dragon Press

Fashion Writer for the Fashion Section on the online newspaper, The Foothill Dragon Press.


Aug 2010Jun 2014

Foothill Technology High School


Patricia Strickland

Brian McDonald

Melissa Wantz