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Kinjal Patel

Manager at Essar Steel India Ltd


  • An Electrical Engineer over 10 years of experience in substation operation, maintenance and project execution.
  • Currently working as a Manager at 220 kV substation of Essar Steel India Ltd.
  • Execution of preventive maintenance, analysis of fault, root cause identification, implementation of design modification & department level budget preparation.
  • Expert in diagnostic testing of high voltage equipments which includes power & instrument transformer, EHV & MV switch gear.
  • Exposure in project execution like monitoring, coordination & supervision of material, man power, sub contractor.
  • Strong problem solving & analytical skills along with the ability to motivate and lead team members. Also an excellent communicator.

Work experience


Essar Steel India Ltd

Operation & maintenance of 220 kV substation & Static VAr Compensator

Project Engineer

ESSAR Project India Ltd

Project engineer Lime plant & material handling, Essar.


Diploma in Engineering

Shri B.S.Patel Polytechnic

Discipline : Electrical

Operation & Maintenance Engineer:

  • Maintained 220/33 kV substation for minimum breakdown by reliability centric maintenance.
  • Executed diagnostic testing which includes tan delta testing of power and instrument transformer, leakage current testing of L.A., static & dynamic CRM, VIDAR & breaker timing test of switchgear, puncture insulator disk test on 220kV insulator string, Partial Discharge test on high voltage cable.
  • Executed condition& time based maintenance of substation equipments & Static VAr compensator along with man power & resource management.
  • Commissioned “ION” power management system & ABT meters which includes co ordination with state electricity authority.
  • Executed stability testing & relay co-ordination study of 220 & 33 kV protection systems.
  • Power trading with IEX & SLDC for reducing power cost of company & maximum demand monitoring in 15 min time scale.
  • Spare planning & inventory management of substation & sub contracting for out sourced tasks.
  • Root cause analysis of faults & tripping of equipments.
  • Incorporated latest safety practices at work place to avoid accident like job safety analysis & risk assessment.
  • Expertise in trouble shooting techniques for complex problems of power & control system.

Project Engineer:

  • Executed erection activities of electrical equipments like PCC, MCC, PLC, Drives, static var compensator, HT panels & power transformer.
  • Erected, commissioned & maintained power transformers up to 160 MVA& static var compensator up to 180 MVAr.
  • Executed erection& commissioning activities of lime plant & material handling system which includes PLC, Drives, UPS, HT& LT panels, LT motors and process instrumentation.
  • Responsible for job schedules, monitoring progress, supervision of works & daily/weekly progress reports& timely completion of job as per project timeline.
  • Co ordination with equipment manufacturer for commissioning of project.


Planning & co-ordination

SAP MM, material requirement planning, Vendor development, man power planning, Job Off loading

MV & HV Breaker testing

Static & Dynamic contact resistance measurement, Vacuum integrity test (VIDAR), breaker timing test, Pole stroke & wipe measurement for CGL make 245 kV breaker

Transformer mineral Oil testing

General oil test i.e. Acidity & resistivity test, W.PPM & BDV test

DGA & Furan test

Transformer testing

Winding Resistance, Insulation resistance & Polarization index testing, Ratio test,   Bushing & Winding tan delta test, Vector group & magnetic balance test, induced over voltage & separate source voltage withstand test, Lightning impulse test, Heat run & No load On load loss test