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Outstanding interpersonal skills, with the ability to work, and collaborate with all levels of staff & management in a multi-cultural / multi-language environment. Creative problem solver with expertise in developing and maintaining: strategic HR leadership, training programs, employee and labor relations, contract negotiations, personnel counseling, succession planning, and best practices. Holds SPHR and a MBA Have the broad background to be a COO or CAO for a small to mid sized company. Gene writes business plans for start-ups and current businesses. Focus areas are in Leadership, customer service, sales, and after sales follow thru, with a whole lot of Aloha Spirit. Entrepreneurs and business owners, call on Gene to learn how to develop their presentations skills, for future funding or establishing partnership arrangements. Gene is developing his own line of training videos, which will be featured on the Global Streams of Income Group’s Web Site. Gene is also a Co-Moderator SHRM Resume Review HRPN Resume Review Team Member "Ask Bro Kini at FORUM" and a SHRM Mentor Also need to let you know I have a vast background in Real Estate Appraisal. Was a Deputy Assessor of the Santa Cruz County Assessors office at one time. Went on as an Appraiser in the then Savings and Loan industry, along the way to become a Chief Loan Officer, in job duties twice. Recognized as a leader in the Residential Appraisal process, was invited to lead workshops and training of loan underwriters and auditors to competing Associations. Served on several appraisal practices panels. On a personal note, concerning my username / eMail address. I was on the internet, way before Al Gore invented it! :) :) Back when you dialed up to a bulletin board using numbers as your username. Kini is “Gene” in Hawaiian. The “Moor” part is because we were limited to only 8 characters, otherwise it would have been kinimoore over my use of kinimoor.

Work experience

Jan 2007Present


Global Streams of Income Group
Global Streams of Income Group, is a worldwide Internet corporation dedicated to bring information, education, and community, to individuals and groups involved in network - marketing and direct sales, through an entrepreneurial spirit toward success in the global market.
Sep 2001Present

Senior Business & HR Consultant

HR for Small Business - Hawai'i
A Business and HR Consultant; markets and negotiates contractual relationships with out of state and international owners of businesses; by assisting in the general business operations, with an emphasis in people management. Supplements or provides professional business practices to small business owners, thru coaching, consultation, project assignments, HR and Business audits, and the writing of business plans. Designs recruiting and retention plans. Conduct’s customer service training - with Aloha Spirit. Trains managers in goal setting strategies, sales strategy development and follow-up, and communication skills. Facilitates training for senior and line management on proper hiring and termination practices. Leads the way in trust building, ethical, and confidential practices; through non-disclosure contracts. Client businesses include but not limited to restaurants, retail, on-line, and start-ups.
Nov 1999Present

Head Job Search Coach

Blue Sky Careers
Works with professional job seekers over the phone and Internet to develop a job search business plan. Works with job seekers to identify their skill sets and experiences. Incorporate style of resume and cover letter into a style compatible with the job search business plan. Coaches� client to research the industry and companies with in the industry to identify the leaders.
Apr 1999Present

Volunteer team member and contributor
I am the moderator for the on-line Job Seekers Hui - �Ask Bro Kini�. Job seekers ask job search questions and get help in finding their next job.
Apr 2006Jun 2008


Kookloo Coil Sparc
Coil Sparc is an unique all-in-one product; secure, integrated, easy to use personal desktop interface. Coil primary functions are security/storage, communications, organization, and community. Kookloo is now called WE-R-YOU and you can get to it via
Sep 2000Aug 2001

Director Human Resources

Beach Activities of Maui
One person Human Resources Department, for a 24-business unit, 100 plus, two island company. Recruited, screened candidates, and conducted new employee orientation. Handled employee relations in regards to benefits and compensation. Converted all employees over to a new health plan. Provided HR assistance to three smaller sister companies in the areas of benefits, (Health plans � 401k enrollment) and payroll. Converted the 4 companies over to new payroll and human resources management system. Converted and enhanced a 24 business units compensation plan, with 14 complex commission schemes, providing more timely management reports & linking these spreadsheets to payroll
Feb 1997Sep 1998

Human Resources Manager and Finance Manager

West Coast Circuits, inc.
Adroitly recruits staff for entire company, within a diverse cultural market area. Installed, drug testing, EEOC, COBRA, & Family Leave Act policies. Appraised the need to align human resource development, recruitment, and retention procedures with strategic HR business plan. Administered worker's compensation programs reducing costs through employee education and improved monitoring of health care providers. Lowered cost & increased coverage of insurance & benefits, by research & analysis. Controls budgets, by initiating cost controls & targeting items for reduction, result of 18% in savings. Reviewed current 401k Plan as fiduciary and found plan lacking, compared to present-day offerings. Attained, after much research, a new 401k provider. New plan corrects deficiencies of earlier plan and offers 12 superior performing institutional funds instead of four, at no extra cost. Help close down plant/business
Nov 19871996

Human Resources Director

Golden Pacific Monarch House, Inc
A three store family owned "Adult Beverage" retail chain. Turned business venture around in first store, thought increased sales do to new business plan and merchandising of products. Developed business plan and goals, allowing second store to be bought and a third location from scratch. Business growth centered on each store according to the business plan, specializing in a main product group. Handled all planning, marketing recruiting, scheduling, budgets, accounting, sales and service and purchasing of products. Made business successful via training in salesmanship, merchandising, customer service, safety issues, and responsible hospitality service. Set up a �Wine Buyers Club� and as a result increased my knowledge of the wine industry from the vineyard to the consumer. My greater wine knowledge allowed �Club members� to gain access to superior wines before they hit the general public.


Oct 2002Jan 2005


Apr 1977May 1978

Bachelor of Arts in Public Service

Off campus classes. This was the degree program in partnership with IPD (forerunner of the University of Phoenix system) and USF. Classes were held in San Jose.
Jun 1970Jun 1977


Certificate in Real Estate