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Information Technology and Accounting professional with over 15 years experience. A 'Jack of all Trades' that can improve any process, support any group of workers and the tools they employ. Strong accounting experience applied to technology strategies secure an impact to the bottom line and the most effective use of assets. Leadership enriched by the forging of teams for the purpose of quality and focused work. Success through the adaptation of technologies, open honest communication, and commitment to shared goals. A history of successful growth, continued development of skills and education.


Content Management Systems including Joomla
Content Management Systems utilizing Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP or LAMP implementations are the current state of the art as it relates to content.  CSS Styling and skinning of websites is integral to systems of this nature and have been the focus of my web skill development over the last 3 years.    I have installed from the ground up both Joomla and Drupal implementations.  Procuring a server, installing Ubuntu or CentOS Linux, installing through either with package management or direct download the remaining web components, and installing ready made or custom templates to the system.  Creating design elements and providing content for site launch or maintenance are areas of experience with Content Management Systems that I possess.   In all instances of development, when fine control of elements is needed I prefer to use Adobe Design software including Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks.  I've used Dreamweaver for code development in VBScript, and PHP as well as HTML, XML and CSS source.
Google and Social Media Marketing
Social media is relatively new, but has grown up quite a bit in the last five years.  It is still expanding even now with the start of Google+, netting over 20 million users in less than a month.  It is also important to note that Google+ grew to 10 Million users in just 16 days, Twitter took 780 days to hit that mark and Facebook 852 days.  This serves to emphasize the importance of Social Media and in particular Google in the Social Media and Marketing fronts.   Presence and interaction are key in any Social Media campaign.  Much like other areas of the Internet, "Content is King."  Social Media can not rely on simply having a site or a page.  It must be manned in a sense and provide channels of communication that is real and timely to the audience.   I maintain a Social Media presence online and I am currently preparing for higher level of activity in the coming months starting with my Visual CV and keeping my profiles up to date.
Linux and Open Source Technologies
Linux is the latest Operating System on the market and has its origin in Open Source and is often free.  Some instances like Red Hat Enterprise Linux are very cost effective even though the implementation has costs involved.   Use of Linux/Unix systems is no longer as daunting or cumbersome as they once were when specialized hardware was required to run a *nix system.  Now that Linux runs on commodity Intel chips and hardware sets, any organization can make use of it in their enterprise.  Linux systems can be integrated with existing Windows infrastructure with SAMBA and other software offerings including Likewise Open.  These allow integration into the Active Directory structure of Windows Domains and incorporates Windows Authentication and Authorization down to the file level in a Unix system.   Unix systems are extremely flexible and can be used to implement the basic network features required on most networks.  Protocols like DHCP, DNS, and even VLan subnet routing can be implemented from a Linux server saving the licensing costs of an additional Windows server and can be run on significantly cheaper hardware than a modern Windows Server implementation.
Internet / Intranets
I have been using and developing for the Internet since 1987 at age 12.  Starting with static HTML pages and moving on to more dynamic page design strategies through the 90's with Common Gateway Interface scripting as well as increased use of Javascript.  Now in the 21st century with the latest Active Server Page development on the IIS Platform in corporate environments.     I have used similar technologies for Intranet development and have also developed Intranet services using Sharepoint Intranets.  Most recently I have been integrating a web presence with an Intranet presence using Content Management Systems based on various web technologies as well as in house implementations with PHP, MySql and other Open Source Software options.
Voice/VOIP Telecommunications
Toll savings and inter-branch communications has greatly benefited from VOIP systems over the last decade.  These are the areas where I've focused in the VOIP arena including on router calling systems and external VOIP to Analog interface units.  Using modern digital technology to extend the life of older but very strong calling systems increases the value of capital investments and can extend their life by years.   When analog systems can no longer be maintained as cost effectively as new digital and IP phone systems, networking with skills in VLans and Quality of Service (QoS 802.1p) become very important.  These are skills that I can bring to any VOIP implementation and any networking implementation for that matter.

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Technology Support Specialist

Barbour County Schools

Provide technology support to administrative and teaching staff supporting two county schools. Technical support of on-line systems including West Virginia Education Information System (WVEIS), network client/server systems, PC, printer and server maintenance and repair. Installation of wired and wireless network systems. Inventory and update lab environments to latest software ensuring compliance with state requirements and online testing initiative. Assisted install and managing a VMWare ESXi cluster hosting a Windows Server 2008 Active Directory domain infrastructure.

Apr 2010Dec 2010

Chief Information Officer

Valley Supply Company

Consolidated supervision of Accounting and Inventory Control departments creating positions and developing new team work-flow. Designed new IT infrastructure facilities for Central Distribution Center including WAN, LAN, Wireless LAN, VOIP Phone systems, Unified Communications and integration with legacy systems. Completed a company wide conversion/upgrade of Activant Eclipse Enterprise system from an IBM RS6000 systems to a modern and efficient Red Hat Enterprise Linux system running on Dell Hardware.

Jan 2006Apr 2010

Chief Technology Officer

Valley Supply Company

Supervised a $300,000.00 hardware and software upgrade from Prophet 21 Acclaim to Intuit Eclipse (now Activant Acclaim and Activant Eclipse) including contract/license negotiation to securing financing for capital expenditures. Conversion of disparate data systems accomplished with ODBC and Vb-script programming. Began and managed a 3 year implementation schedule of upgrades including Document Imaging, Digital Signature Capture, Shipping Manifest Processing, Wireless Warehouse, Integrated Credit Card Processing, Integrated Web Order Entry, and supplemental Product Data Warehouse database application. Navigated the company into the Linux and Open Source age leveraging these new technologies into the day to day operations of a 21st century wholesaler.

May 2002Jan 2006

Finance and Technology Manager

Valley Supply Company

Accepted additional role in Accounting management when position was vacated unexpectedly. Improved accounting processes with technology by incorporating online tax and vendor payments. Learned new skills in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger. Continued maintaining Information Technology systems and completed moving the corporate WAN between VPN and Frame Relay. Also followed the Windows system upgrade path into XP, Windows Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2003, as well as Microsoft Office 2003 productivity software for clients. Coordinated the Accounting and IT aspects of our corporate acquisitions. Also implemented a Human Resources time and data management software package.

Jun 1998May 2002

IT Manager

Valley Supply Company

First corporate IT Management staff, building the first PC Client/Server network, structured on TCP/IP and Cisco routers. Established our first Internet presence with Email via Microsoft Exchange and dedicated Internet access. Developed the company's first web site and a web storefront powered by Microsoft IIS. Custom designed a web “Shopping Cart” application for our E-Commerce initiative. Expanded the company IT Infrastructure to a third branch location. Trained in recent upgrade to Prophet 21 Acclaim ERP System.


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