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Examples of Course Work

Examples of Course Work

Examples of Course Work

Examples of Course Work

Examples of Course Work

Examples of Course Work

Examples of Course Work


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Examples of Course Work

GMU - EDIT 797: Performance Based Design

Course Description: This course provides an overview of methods and tools related to prescribing, designing, implementing, evaluating and revising performance centered systems. Students will analyze human performance problems then prototype, evaluate and propose revisions that result in performance-centered solutions. 

GMU - EDIT 526: Web Accessibility and Design

Course Description:  Develops understanding of principles of universal web design. Students apply this understanding by designing and developing accessible web site using web authoring tools.

GMU - EDIT 590: Educational Research in Technology

Course Description:  Focuses on developing skills, insights, and understanding basics to performing research with emphasis on interpretation, application, critique, and use of findings in educational settings. Students develop expertise in action research methodology, design, and implementation.

GMU - EDIT 730: Analysis and Design of Multimedia/Hypermedia Environm

Course Description:  Enables design, implementation, and evaluation of technology-based education and training materials using advanced computer-based authoring tools.

GMU - EDIT 575: Mobile Learning

Students will investigate mobile learning delivery‐related technologies such as podcasts, mobile web applications, native mobile applications, augmented reality, micro‐blogs, global positioning systems (GPS), text messages and video. Platforms including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Flash and mobile web browsers will be demonstrated and discussed to give students a foundation of knowledge about possible options for mobile learning.

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GMU - EDIT 705: Instructional Design

Course Description:  Helps students analyze, apply, and evaluate principles of instructional design to develop education and training materials spanning a wide range of knowledge domains and instructional technologies. Focuses on variety of instructional design models, with emphasis on recent contributions from cognitive science and related fields.

GMU - EDIT 732: Advanced Instructional Design: Constructivist Methods

Course Description:  Capstone course of three-course sequence on theory and practice of instructional design. Helps students apply ideas developed in prior courses to complete major instructional design project. Covers leading- edge ideas in evolution of instructional design.

GMU - EDIT 752: Design and Production of Multimedia and Hypermedia

Course Description:  Students design and produce multimedia/hypermedia applications based on current theory and research in instructional design and cognitive science. Examines user needs, information models, structure, and media selection and uses to inform design and production of final project.