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A health care professional with over 30 years of experience, Kimon Angelides, PhD, currently fulfills responsibilities in research and development, strategic planning, and personalized health and wellness solutions. Working with The Diabetes Company, Dr. Angelides assists in the organization and execution of clinical trials designed to develop new therapies for diabetes management. Additionally, as a Principal at HellasMed LLC, Kimon Angelides works with health care facilities around the world to establish successful operations. Most recently, Kimon Angelides founded EosHealth, Inc., a company that offers wellness and health management plans for individuals, employers, health care providers, and physicians. As the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Angelides ensures that his company maintains its vision of connecting people to tools that will assist them in establishing goals to live a healthy life. Founded on the four cornerstones of good health--medicine, nutrition, exercise, and education--EosHealth has developed management tools for the Internet, cell phones, and on-site kiosks. In addition to the original four programs created by Dr. Angelides, which include Weight Management4Life, Healthy Living, Wellness4Women, and Living Well with Diabetes, the EosHealth team continues to develop new approaches to help people lead more fulfilling lives. Prior to entering the business world as an innovator and executive-level manager, Kimon Angelides, PhD, established himself in the field of medical education as a Professor at Baylor College of Medicine and at Durham University. Additionally, his 15-year career as an educator included work as an Assistant Professor with McGill University and the University of Florida. A celebrated figure in research and public policy, Dr. Angelides has received commendation from the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Value-Driven Health Care program, and the National Institutes of Health recognized him with the Research Career Development Award.

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