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Highly motivated, diligent and productive professional with over twenty years of experience in scientific research (project planning, fieldwork, data analysis and writing) in the polar regions, ten years of K-12 science education outreach and five years of project management. Interested in science communication, science policy and diplomacy, promoting and building science literacy, polar science, environmental assessment and conservation, and the impact of climate change on the environment and society. Dedicated to achieving excellence through effective organization and communication, critical thinking, integrity and a strong work ethic. Desire to learn, grow and contribute.


Science Communication

Science and Public Policy

Informal Science Education and Outreach

Polar science and remote sensing

Climate change and its impact on the environment and society

Work experience

Jul 2013Sep 2013


University of Alberta

·Database mining

·Online data searches

·Preparation of research papers

·Preparation of presentations

·Preparation of project newsletter



Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks

·Managed 5 projects (budget oversight, meeting timeline milestones and writing annual and final reports to funding agencies)

·Designed and implemented lake ice research and inquiry/place-based, experiential learning field experiments for K-12 students

·Collated and managed large data sets for graphing, statistical analysis and modeling

·Conducted sea ice research in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.

·Developed protocols and learning activities for science education programs (see the list in the Outline of the Seasons a & Biomes Project document available under Portfolio)

·Designed and maintained project websites 

     –Alaska Lake Ice and Snow Observatory Network (ALISON): 


     –The Nenana River Project:


·Co-authored peer-reviewed journal papers and reports to funding agencies

·Organized teacher professional-development workshops

·Participated in professional workshops and conferences

·Prepared/reviewed grant proposals for national funding agencies


Research Assistant

University of Manitoba

·Planned and executed the snow geophysics program on Arctic sea ice

·Organized the planning/science meetings held prior to the field season

·Assisted in the logistical planning of the program

· Trained and supervised field assistants


Research Technician

Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks

·Participated in seven Antarctic research expeditions to study sea ice and snow cover

·Conducted lake ice fieldwork on the North Slope of Alaska and central Alaska

·Analyzed sea ice, lake ice and snow samples and other field data

·Analyzed sea ice and lake ice properties and processes using satellite data (synthetic aperture radar) 

·Co-authored peer-reviewed journal papers and institutional reports

·Assisted in the preparation of grant proposals to national funding agencies




Graduate Diploma

Laurentian University

Joint program between Laurentian University and Science North (


Written and Oral Communications
Science Communication
Research and Information Management
Analysis and Problem Solving
Project Management and Organization