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Corporate communications executive with 20 years of full-time experience in public affairs and reputation management. Guide successful creation and evolution of enterprise-wide communication strategies for Fortune 1,000 companies. Master of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Communication.

Work Sample


Collaborative Leader
Assemble and lead high-performing internal and external teams that happily achieve strategic goals for the organization again and again.
Trusted Communications Advisor
Serve as a trusted communications advisor to various company employees including c-level executives for coaching and speech/ presentation development. 
Issues Management/ Crisis Communications
Identify developing issues and reposition the company, as needed, to take advantage of impending change while avoiding negative impact. Prepare for worst-case crisis scenarios through proactive message development, anticipatory war room creation and tabletop exercises. 
Reputation Management
Well-versed in emotion-based positioning, message development and brand building that result in successful reputation management.


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