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Results oriented Sr. Management Leader with a distinguished career building organizations, developing management teams and significantly improving operational performance. Demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities with the capacity to build, train and turn around new or struggling businesses. Change agent with outstanding strategic vision, leadership, communication and organizational skills, which have proven to be critical assets in developing a positive work environment, managing people, and exceeding company goals. Unique blend of both technical and business. Expertise in telecom, end user applications applications, web, consumer products, and electrical distribution. More than 20 years of progressive leadership and management experience.

Work experience


·Board of Directors, Zwave Alliance

·Appointed Bell Laboratories Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

Other Roles: Strategy and Product Launches

AT&T Bell Laboraties

Responsibilities: Strategy and Business Development. Direct Reports: 5

·Prior year speculation yielded an underperforming portfolio.Crafted investment strategy that launched most promising applications and enabling platforms.Optimized mix of application vs. platform spending.Resulted in successful launch of a high reliability hardware platform, and several ATM applications within two years.

Technical Manager

AT&T Bell Laboratories

Responsibilities: Network Solution Architecture. Direct Reports:5

·Identified need to incorporate technologies from other industries to improve cost structure, and target new revenue opportunities.Faced with an organization reluctant to change, engaged the team in scenario planning exercises which opened minds and created sense of urgency and buy in.Results included 30% cost improvement.


Director, Global Wireless


Responsibilities include: Managing both retail and commercial home automation start-up businesses.Includes P&L, Business Development, Strategy, Sales, Marketing and directing realization activities.Direct reports: 2. Team size: 8.

 ·    Launched new product line into growing $1B market by revamping realization strategy. In-sourced R&D. Achieved product launch in 6 months after it had floundered for three years.

 ·      Built distribution channel from scratch including, Radio Shack, CompUSA, Dell,CEDIA distributors, construction trade, and electrical distribution.

 ·      Initiated authorized installer program which graduated over 350 installers the first year.


Director, Next Generation Messaging Product Management

Lucent Technologies

Global Business Unit Responsibilities: Business Development, Marketing, Strategy, Product Management, Operations Management and Vendor Management.Revenue: generated over 50% of Organizations Sales.Direct Reports: 17 Product and Marketing, plus 3 Senior Managers.Directed R&D team of 300 people located in Poland, China, Illinois and Ohio.

·Inherited previous team’s failure after two years to launch next generation product. Developed and conducted strategy resulting in the creation of a new product currently generating over $130 million profitable revenue w/in three years of launch.

·Challenged to establish market footprint and grow revenue.Created market strategy and crafted upgrade offer complete with migration services targeting replacement of aging customers’ systems.Won 100% market share with AT&T/Cingular and over 50% with Verizon Wireless.

·Faced with the need to turn around a struggling product and also strained partnership. Revitalized the market programs and worked to earn the trust with the technology partner.Tripled revenue from $4 to $12 million in one year, and improved overall profitability.

·Product faced with service outages and customer complaints. Directed the team to create a reliability model creating a mechanism to roadmap the product plan and engage the customer.Reduced service outages by 25% and improved customer confidence.


Senior Manager, AnyPath Messaging Product Management & Marketing

Lucent Technologies

Responsibilities: Product Management, Marketing, Business Development and Vendor Management.Revenue: 12% of Organizations Sales. Direct Reports: 7 located in England, New Zealand, Illinois, New Jersey and California.

·Inheriting a hostile customer base and a dinosaur market image, challenged to revitalize market perception.Launched multiple strategy initiatives including brand and customer engagement strategy.After about 18 months we earned the trust, and credibility back that the previous team had lost and started to win market share.

·Due to budget and staffing constraints, product plans 50% over budget.Directed the team to create a list of outsourceable projects, and worked quickly to select, hire, and bring on board low cost contractors.Project was delivered on time, with quality.


Senior Manager, Strategy

Lucent Technologies

Responsibilities: Strategy and Business Development. Direct Reports: 5 Product and Market Managers.

·Through organic investment and acquisitions, company had four overlapping products poorly serving the market.Analyzed market requirements and crafted rationalization strategy.Resulted in R&D savings of 50% while enabling project to target market needs.


Executive Education


University of Illinois


University of Illinois