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Work experience

I don't have a work history yet. I'm student now in Chungang university. Only I have a short time work. I worked in a department store's vending machine. I carried a can and a cup. I learned hard work and had a lot of thinking.

Accounting company


Chungang University

I graduated Chungang University's attached senior high school. And I am belonging to Chungang University now. And my major is maagement.  I learn a lot of things regarding to company's managing systems and people's thinking.  And I'll select accounting branch. These fields will belong to many company's a lot of systems.


Jin Hwan Kim


Word Processor 2, 3



I like watch starcraft league. Korea's starcraft is very various and systematic.

So I like watching this league. And I like many starcraft players.

Next, I like playing basketball. I play basketball recently.

I don't do well basketball but I play basketball very often.


I write my ICV contents. My ICV will have a important role in the company. And these contents will help employers to select staffs. These contents will offer my work and personality.

I graduated Chungang University's attached senior high school. And I am belonging to Chungang University now. And my major is maagement. And I'll select accounting branch. And my club is NISHE that is basketball club. I participate club activity twice a week generally. And I don't have a special certificates. I only have two and three grade word processor certificates. My interests are very various. First of all, I like playing starcraft game. I play this game with my friend very frequently. And I play starcraft in the ladder very frequently. And I enjoy watching starcraft's pro-league and personal league. Korea's starcraft's league system is very systematic. So I devote myself to starcraft's league more. Next, I like playing basketball. In the past, I don't like basketball. But, now I like playing basketball very much. I worked for a vending machine in the past. I carried a can and a cup. I visited Japan and China and Phucket. Among these countries, I was satisfied when I traveled Phucket. Phucket is so great and I don't forget this travel. Phucket's nature and culture was very fantastic. I am very timid guy. So I don't do the work very well in front of many people. And my interests are game and play exercise. And my personality is very generous. And I want to work in accounting field. Because These days, many companies are connected to accounting field. So, accounting field is very important. And I like accounting system. In that industry, I want to work in a ig corporation aggrgate. I don't know a big corporation aggregate yet. I want to become a manager in the accounting field. In this position, I must have a responsibility and propulsion. From this virtue, I will work well in accounting field. And people looking for work experience and morality. So I want to have this virtues.

My ICV report is finished. I want employers to look my ICV report, and to select me to the staff.


My objective is to become a licensed tax accountant.

And I want to experience many tasks and works.

So I want to work in a major corporation aggregate.

In this company, I want to experience many things.

After long experience, I want to open my own tax accountant office.


My country is Korea, Seoul. Therefore my attitude and custom is totally based on Korea. I have a Korea's meeting custom and greeting custom, and so on. And Korea's representative culture is 'we'. Korea people are not only think about their own' interest. They are think about many people's interest. In this way, Korea's culture is very great.


My information will offer many contents to company's employers.