It is my goal to secure a job as a creative director, where I can utilize my skills as an artist, writer, and problem solver.  An ideal position for me would be in a church or ministry field, where I had the freedom to use multiple creative outlets and collaborate with a team of other creative minds to serve God and share the Gospel.


Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2013 - Present

Owner/Premier Photographer

Impactive Photography

We believe that photographs have the power to move people to emotions that can alter our decisions and even our world view. Pictures can capture a memory, tell a story, or promote a product or intangible concept.Impactive Photography is a group of professional photographers and videographers, each with their own unique style and creative eye. Each photographer is skilled at collaborating with our clients to capture and compose images that leave the highest possible impact.

KIMBERLY first held a camera when she was 6 years old. Captivated by her mother’s Minolta film SLR, she was taught that a camera is only a tool, that a great photographer must learn to develop an eye for incredible images first, and was then handed a tiny plastic disposable camera. Fancier cameras landed in her grasp as she improved her skills, and today she works with tools of the highest caliber. She spent 5 years in visual marketing and product displays for several retailers, and uses these skills to architect and create scenes worth capturing.I’m an artist at heart. I love using a camera to bring out the animation in the inanimate, freeze moments full of life and energy, or capture the splendor and beauty of God’s creation. Pictures have the power to communicate in ways that words alone often fail. Images can move us and awaken us to new ideas and perspectives. Photographs leave an imprint on us, and when captured just right, are truly impactive.

Jan 2013 - Feb 2014

Vice President/Creative Director/Systems Manager

Next City Church

I helped establish and build the foundation for a church plant called Next City Church. As acting Vice President, I was responsible for attending board meetings, assisting with financial planning, and organizing events. As Creative Director, I filmed a welcome video, took pictures for the staff, website, promotions, and event, created lyrics slides, and built and painted the tithing "give box". As Systems Manager, I developed systems for communication, events organization, collecting tithe and congregation information, money management, and scheduling.

I also sang on the worship team, both harmony and lead vocals depending on the song and need.

Jul 2011 - Oct 2012

Contract Writer/Director/Designer

Willow Creek Community Church

Promo Video for Axis Fall Retreat 2011 (SetDesignWriter.)Promo Video for Axis Beginnings "Bad Moments" 2012 (WriterActorDirectorProducerCameraOp.)Hi-lights Video for Axis Fall Retreat 2012 (CameraOp.)Hi-lights Video for Alpha 2012-2013 (CameraOp.)Photo Booths for Axis Events (SetDesignPropsMaster.)

I led an Alpha Table for three courses from Jan 2012-Jan 2013.

I sang on the worship team for the Alpha Course, from Feb 2013-July 2013.

Nov 2008 - Nov 2011

High School Ministry Leader/Worship Lead Vocalist

Winnetka Bible Church

For the high school ministry, I led in several capacities.  I led a weekly small group of girls in bible study, prayer, and talking about their faith and God's work in their lives.  I helped lead several retreats, missions trips, bible camps, and summer camps.  This included worship leading, teaching, games, driving, praying, and construction.  For the camps, I wrote and directed several skits for the students to perform that told the gospel story.  I filmed, edited, built sets, made costumes, and participated in short films and stage productions for the purpose of sharing the gospel with people.  

I was also a member of the worship team for the main service.  I sang in the chancel choir, the young women's ensemble, and the worship band.  I sang everything from solos and duets to large choral pieces.  It required the ability to create new harmonies by ear, as well as read sheet music and follow a written part.


Sep 2003 - May 2004

Western Michigan University