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As a highly accomplished and top-performing IT leader, I have over 13 years of experience producing results and saving hundreds of millions of dollars through process re-engineering. I have spent my career with industry-leading companies on a consistent track of accelerated upward mobility, achieving exceptional success in each role I have held. I possess a unique ability to identify opportunities for improvement, develop solutions, and implement them quickly and effectively.

I am a dynamic leader with a recognized skill set in achieving team goals through excellence in support, training, and follow-up. In addition, I have successfully navigated technical aspects of software engineering and IT development, overseeing conversions and modifications to process which save millions in costs and manpower.

Specialties: Network Integration & Optimization • Project Management • System Design & Testing

Relationship Development • Process Improvement • Resource Analysis • Technical Training.

Work experience


IT Developer / Business Analyst

Commerce Bank
  • Manage wire transfer transactions for corporate accounts ranging over $100M.
  • Increased productivity by 75% by implementing IBM Sterling Integrator Program.
  • Developed new application for switching to automated applications and providing real time processing, which saves company over $250K annually.
  • Conduct architecture and design reviews, gap analysis, and assessments to ensure that quality solutions are specified and delivered to our clients.
  • Directed current company in a direction for adopting a new plan to increase efficiency and reduce company costs.
  • Maintain both stellar individual performance and the ability to excite team members about a shared vision, aligning it with the direction of the organization for strong delivery.

EDI Administrator & Developer

Commerce Bank
  • Created fraud prevention application to allow clients to process checks immediately; resulting in saving the company over $200K in average annual loss.
  • Relentless at generating revenue growth and cost savings by promoting new ideas, new approaches and winning people’s confidence through genuine relationship building.
  • Supported upgrade of current mainframe account reconciliation application to Chesapeake TRECS application.
  • Participated in testing, requirements gathering, verified configurations and custom formatting specifications of previous application.
  • Coordinated fix pack installation and general system maintenance.
  • Custom code to ensure integrity of data and multiple feeds from internal applications; ensuring that bad reports were not created and prevented customer delays.

Software Engineer

  • Defined, implemented, and documented a Continuing Business Needs process to satisfy corporate security guidelines for creating an annual audit of employee access, which produces an approximate savings of $50K annually.
  • Analyzed and modified how accounts were updated to ensure current and in-sync customer information to save over $10K annually.
  • Managed company migration of 55 CMVC families and over 21K users to local support from 10 customer locations.
  • Conceptualized, designed, and developed various applications to help manage Rational accounts as a member of the IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Team.
  • Created a user authentication plug-in for the ITIM web interface that enabled users to create an account and set and change their own passwords without admin intervention.
  • Wrote, designed, and produced a Continuing Business Needs and Manager Notification tool to satisfy corporate security guidelines of conducting annual employee access audits, and notifying management of an new accounts created.


B.S. in Software Development & Applied Mathematics

University of Wisconsin - Stout

Menomonie, WI

Technical Skills

  • Java & Frameworks:

              J2EE, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, Java Mail, Struts

  • Other Languages:

              C/C++/C#, ASP.NET, Java Script, AJAX, HTML, SQL, CSS, TELERIK

  • Databases:

              IBM DB2, LDAP, MS SQL Server 2008

  • Application Server:

              IBM WebSphere Application Server, MS Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

  • IDEs:

              IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD), IBM WebSphere Studio (WSAD), Eclipse, MS Visual

              Studio 2008/2010/2012/2013

  • Operating Systems: 

              Windows 7, DOS, UNIX, AIX, Linux, VM, Window Server

  • Development Methodologies:

              IBM Rational Unified Process (IRUP), Waterfall, Agile

  •  Electronic Data Interchange:

              X12 EDI Transactions: 820, 824, 997, 996

              NACHA Transactions: CCD, CCD+, CTX, PPD, PPD+, 

              Software: FIS Connexion, Axway B2Bi, Axway Composer, Axway

              Sentinel, Axway Synchrony Database, VAN, IBM B2B Sterling Integrator, IBM Sterling

              Integrator Map Editor, Graphical Process Modeler (Business Process Modeling)

  • Source Control:

              IBM Rational ClearCase, IBM Configuration Management Version Control (CMVC), Subversion


  • Other:

              IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM), IBM iSeries Access for Windows, IBM Rational

              ClearQuest(CQ), IBM Rational RequisitePro (RP), IBM Rational Test Manager (TM),

              LoadRunner, log4j, log4net

Professional Skills

Solutions focused • Proficient in C/C++, J2EE, JSP, Java Script, Servlets, HTML, SQL, Struts • Able to meet demanding objectives within tight deadlines and turn around delayed projects • Thrives in a versatile environment • Deadline Driven • Extensive Industry Knowledge • Leads by creating genuine relationships • Impeccable record of success • Process Improvement • Expert Researcher • In-depth understanding of a diverse set of technologies.

Technical Courses


  • Performance Bonus (Only employee to receive for Sterling Integrator Project) - 2014
  • Bravo Award - 2005
  • IBM IDEAS Team Award - 2004
  • Numerous Thanks Awards (Nominated by peers and customers)


Jessica Wright / IT Project Manager

Kim has always given 100% for every project she's been a part of and her continuous efforts to help improve the way we are doing business has contributed to those initiatives. Her thought of what's best for the business combined with what's best for the company plays a role in her every day actions. She is very mindful about the value she brings to the table and makes sure that we are always thinking about how to bring value out from everyone else as well. I have always been able to count on her contributions with every phone call, meeting and project interaction. She is very accountable for her work and owns responsibility to do the right thing. Kim is a very valuable and trustworthy co-worker and that shines through her efforts.

Jeff Gilbert / Project Manager II

Kim has done an excellent job on the EDI Replacement project.  On a project team lacking resources, she has stepped up to perform every role asked of her, to include systems and requirements analyst, designer, developer, tester and trainer, all the while displaying patience and the willingness to work the additional hours necessary to accomplish whatever jobs where asked of her.  In my opinion, Kim's dedication to the EDI Replacement project is the single most important factor that enabled Commerce Bank to deploy the new, secure EDI platform into the production environment in 2014.  Furthermore, her attention to detail and conviction that the new EDI platform must be 100% production ready will assuredly pay dividends as clients are migrated to the new platform in 2015.

Neil Genilo / IT Manager

Kim has used her gift of seeing the details, proactively identifying risks/issues, and analyzing the solution before it impacts the project.  Kim communicates the details of the content/issue/action item and adjusting the way she communicates that to her audience and fellow team members, pointing out the "Bottom line" impact and providing a recommendation to address it. I feel blessed to have Kim on the team and appreciate all of her contributions to the project and all her support of team members.  Her talents and contributions are very appreciated.  Our company would not have successfully gone this far with the project without Kim's much appreciated contributions.