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Kimberly D. Hausmann

  • 900-I Anastasia Blvd, St Augustine FL 32080
  • 904-708-4860

Paramedical Micropigmentation Specialist & Aesthetician


*Sixteen years of experience in the Paramedical Micropigmentation industry.  Florida and Missouri  licensed, certified, insured and qualified in multiple micropigmentation and aesthetics treatments.

*Specializing  in permanent makeup procedures, tattoo correction/lightening, 3-D  Aerola  restoration, scar correction/camouflaging on all skin types.

*Collagen Induction Therapy (micro needling) and Agressive Skincare procedures.

*Certified Advanced Instructor offering apprenticeships in multiple Micropigmentation and Aesthetician areas.


Jan 20022017

Certifications and Training with EZ Permanent and Beautiful Faces 

Certificate of Instructor of  Paramedical  Micropigmentation 

Mission Statement 

I am a perfectionist and taking an easy way out is simply not my style.  My work is custom designed for each individual and personal tastes.  A procedure will not begin until obtaining final approval of color, shape and design from client.  A natural multidimensional result can take 2-3 touch ups. It takes 30 days of healing to prevent scar formation before a touch up can be performed.

Work experience

Jan 2002Present

Paramedical Micropigmentation Educator

Progressive Aesthetics

I teach, mentor and certify students in the permanent makeup industry.  Currently, I have instructed and mentored over sixty (60) students in eyebrow, lips and eyeliner hand and machine techniques.


Jan 2002Present

Permanent Makeup Micropigmentation Specialist

Progressive Aesthetics

Tattoo removal,  non-laser technique, tattoo correction, facelift/scar and revision, camouflage, relaxation and 3-D areola restoration.

Derma-rolling and Dema-planing, collagen induction therapy for cellulite; dry needling techniques for hyper and hypo-pigmentation, scars,  and stretch marks.

Acne pitting, scalp and scar stimulation, revision and camouflage.

Hyper/hypo pigmentation and vitiligo treatments.


Florida and Missouri Bloodbourne Pathogen’s and Communicable Disease certified.

International CPR, First Aid and Pro-Rescuer certified.

Hand and machine method certified in tattooing.

Attended  and certified with Mary Richardson and Teryn Darling 2012

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner under Dr. Bradley Nelson 2018

Licenses (In Florida since 2015, in Missouri since 2002):

Florida and Missouri Tattoo Licensed.

Florida and Missouri Esthetician Licensed.


Hand method and machine method for permanent makeup.

Micro blading and hair stroke method.

Jan 2002Present

Paramedical Micropigmentation/ Aethetician specialist & Instructor

Progressive Aesthetics

As a potential featured artist, I offer specialty services and training for:

*Collagen Induction (skin micro needling) Therapy
*Scalp tattooing
*Scar camouflage
*Permanent make up training
*Continuing education classes
*Apprenticeship training opportunities  

Jan 2002Present

Licensed Paramedical Aesthetician

Progressive Aesthetics

Certified and performs Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, advanced chemical and specialty peels, TCA, Jessners, Lactic, Enzyme, Glycolic, and AHA procedures.

Certified in:  reflexology, detoxification and hydration body wraps,  facial treatments  including anti-aging, relaxation, stimulation and circulation.

Machine Techniques: Galvanic, high frequency, ionophoresis, catophoresis, anaphoresis, deincrustation, and blue/red light therapy, Fat cavitation for cellulite and stretch mark reduction.

Jan 2013Present

Holistic Wellness Training

Performs services including Iridology, skin, tongue and fingernail analysis, Chinese herabalist, essential oils and IN-FORM weight loss through Natures Sunshine. Currently apprenticing under well-known Naturopathic/Holistic Dr. Inge Wetzel.