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Work Experience


In Charge

Coles  Services 

Demonstrated ability to complete tasks in a timely manner and never compromising the quality of my work.

I have improved my departments ability to work as a team by coaching and working directly with the team members in completing tasks in a safe and timely manner while still maintaining high standards.

Assisting our customers requests and assisting them wherever necessary.

Responsible for my teams efficiency and quality by conducting checks to assure tasks are completed to Coles' high standard. Acting as liason between department managers and my store manager to address any issues that we may have to work on. I provide coverage when team members are sick or may  need personal time off.

 I have supported my area manager during recruiting, orientations and was given the opportunity to coach a new team leader in Emerald, Qld.

Through great support and coaching from my area manager, I have acquired skills and strategies to cope with challenges within the work place. Accept and rise above the problem, model good communications and be positive about the situation. As a in charge, find a way to make it work. I recently applied these strategies and I've  had outstanding results.


Heavy Equipment Operator/ Emergency Response

Borough of Hightstown /Public Works

I provided a dependable , responsive services to my hometown. I was not limited to one role, I performed many tasks while employed by the Department Of Public Works. Sole operator of the automated waste truck, assisting with road repairs and water main breaks. I was a first responder for public emergencies, such as extreme weather events. I was apointed by the mayor to the special committee overseeing our absorption of a smaller town and all civil services within, specifically how to expand my waste/snow removal routes to encompass the new area without losing efficiency and to assess any negative impacts it may have locally. I was entrusted to oversee the training of new staff and eventually trained my replacement before relocating to Australia.




Hightstown Regional School District

Standard courses with a special interest in art and music.


Organized and attention to detail.

Optimal services to meet our stores specific needs.

Consistently recieved excellent feedback during store audits.

Team Leader 

The position as a team leader at Coles Mt. Isa would be an exciting opportunity for me grow my managerial skills. I hope to incorporate my high standards of store cleaning with strong management to inspire my team and other departments.