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My name is Kimberly Givan a.k.a. Kitty Rose/Kitty-G, I have been dancing professionally for about four years, starting as a club dancer and progressing to performing EDM events and managing my own team. I have been a free lance dancer and apart of three teams (Legacy Gogo, Nocturnal Vixens, ZCC) throughout my career, I take direction well and enjoy meeting and working with new people in the industry. I have experience modeling, performing in body paint, and dancing in heels and camel 311 boots. I am currently looking to improve my skills with props such as isis wings and silk fans.

As of recent, there is little to no work to be found in the Spokane area for me. The scene is too tapped to pay dancers, let alone support the caliber of performance aspect I would like to bring. I am looking for a place that will allow me to shine to my full potential as a performer, and matches my amount of passion for this industry. I recently attended Foundation during Lookas and fell in love with the club's vibes, professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence. I am looking for a place that would appreciate and encourage my creativity, and I believe your family is just the place for that. If you are interested, I would love to interview and discuss being a part of the USC family as a performer for Foundation Night Club.

Most notable performance experience 

Safe in Sound - Boise

HG Entertainment/ZCC

Gogo dancer - Datsik, Bro Safari, Terravita, Dotcom.

Freaky Fest 2015

hg entertainment/ZCC

Gogo dancer - Meaux Green x Vegas Banger.


HG entertainment/ZCC

Gogo dancer/performance coordinator

Donald Glaude

music regardless/Nocturnal Vixens

Gogo dancer.

James Egbert

Music regardless/nocturnal vixens

Gogo dancer.


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