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Kimberly Bourne

First impressions are the utmost important


Seeking a position in a high volumed restaurant were my skills and experience can overall be very beneficial 

Work experience


Line cook

The Canopy Mediterranean Grill

Trained to prepare high quality Mediterranean dishes in the lines of meeting my employers standards an exceeding the customers standards all while getting the food out in a impressive time manner. Experienced with saute´ , working the grill/broiler & prepping.



The Canopy Mediterranean Grill

This position of mine at the canopy included me greeting guests at the door for them to be seated , rotating tables between servers , running room services up and cleaning tables. 



The Canopy Mediterranean Grill

Tasks  included sweeping and mopping the resturant , picking up room service dishes and trays , washing dishes , taking the trash out & putting away inventory. 



The Canopy Mediterranean Grill Inside the tutor arms

When I was scheduled as a server my responsibilities were to take care of the guests. Taking and placing  there order. & making sure they didn't need anything. This position also included taking room service orders and to go orders. As well as little side work , feeling up condiments & rolling silverware etc. 



Abbys soups and salads

Basically doing the same thing servers do. Except with alot more people. Tending to them being sure they dont need anything and they enjoy their time. 

Area of Expertise

Serving because im genuinely a people person

A major skill I can say I learned from serving and cooking is being able to handle stressful situations and working under pressure. 

Im so grateful for having the opportunity to be a hostess at the canopy before becoming a server. It improved my communication skills tremendously,  and prepared me for the serving life

Multi-tasking is one of my best skills. Ive mastured it

Good money managing skills

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I think appreciatetion Is a big key when working in the resturant business , appreciate your guests,  appreciate your co workeco. Appreciate your management and appreciate your job! Become so at peace with yourself everyone around you feels it to. People know when theres talking to a genuine person. And ever since I started thinking this way worl beem amazing and I cam honestly say I love what I do. 

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Closing statement thank you everyone whos took the time to view my resume and actually read it. Im looking foward to hearing from you guys so we can biscuss more about my qualifications and all major benifits I have to offer!