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CEO and Founder

The Wall Street Coach

Drawing from an internationally certified suite of executive coaches, The Wall Street Coach provides comprehensive, customizable Coaching Packages for individuals and teams at every level. 

The Wall Street Coach method aims to identify the mission, values and goals of the client, working to align them with those of the organization.  Delving into the working culture, team dynamics, and systems of operation and communication, The Wall Street Coach method identifies limiting behavioral patterns and provides the key to realizing desired potentials. 



SUNYFashion Institute of Technology, Associates Degree – Fashion & Visual Merchandising1986


To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this general recommendation of Kim Ann Curtin.  As a student here at the Fashion Institue of Technology, Ms. Curtin not only excelled in her class work, but contributed greatly to the school's extracurricular activites. She was personally invaluable to me in staging FIT's highly successful, first all-menswear fashion show.  Ms. Curtin acted not only as assistant director, but also designed the set and lighting , and styled the look of the show itself.

Her inexhausttable creativity teamed with her drive and dedication make her a formidable candidate for work in any industry. Again, I recommend Kim Ann Curtin witout reservation.

Sincerely, John Mincarelli, Assistant Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology


NY State Real Estate License

New York Real Estate Institute

I decided to get my license in Real Estate after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Richard Kiyosaki to be appropriately prepared and educated for my investing in real estate.  


Connector & Communicator
Testimonial: I've never met anyone who is more of an effective communicator than Kim Ann Curtin. I am creating a TV series that is based in a lower income part of Los Angeles. I was desperate to find someone from the area that could provide me with first hand knowledge of the streets. After explaining to my coach what I was in need of, less than 24 hours later, I got a call from a rapper named Jay Rock who grew up in Watts who had spoken to Kim the night before regarding my series. That was the most valuable contact I had received since I started working on this project.   Kim is a compassionate listener. She is always able to get to the core of what is blocking my effectiveness in business and helps clear it so I am able to continue to build my successful career.  Thank you Kim for your passion and your constant support, without your coaching, I would not be where I am today!" ~James Thomas, Actor/Creator of "S.O.P," Los Angeles, CA
  Testimonial: "I desperately needed to get in touch with a newly elected New York City councilperson. I put the word out to my network on LinkedIn and in less than an hour Kim had called to ask what was up. After I gave her the scoop; I was talking to that council person's chief of staff in less than two hours because of Kim's efforts. She's amazing! If you need to get in touch with someone and can't find a way in; speak with Kim and she'll make it happen!" ~ Sam Liebowitz, Dragon & Tiger Development


Tom Hartman

I have known Kim Ann Curtin for over 12 years. and enthusiastically recommend her. She is a woman of integrity, passion, creativity & versatility.


Monsignor Thomas J. Hartman

Director of Radio and Television

Peter Leeds

Having had the pleasure of working with Kim Ann Curtin, I can tell you she is an excellent coach and guide. She can unlock your internal strengths. She can better you, just as she has alredy done for so many.

Peter Leeds

The Penny Stock Professional

Modern Strategies, Inc. Line 6 Holdings, Inc,

Rev. Mark Bozzuti-Jones

I have benefitted tremendously many times from Kim's wisdom as I have had to navigate the folks on Wall Street. I am a priest at Trinity and have had to rely on Kim's wisdom several times when advising this clientle.

I highly, and without reservations recommend her.

The Rev. Mark Bozutti-Jones

Trinity Wall Street

Steve Mitten

I have known Kim Ann Curtin for 3 years and had the pleasure to work with closely as a professional coach.

As a veteran of the coaching profession, and a Past President of the International Coach Federation, I have met many coaches around the world.Few can match Kim’s extraordinary ability to champion a client, call forth their very best, connect them to their passions and support them as they move into action. She is an evangelist for her client’s success.

If you have the opportunity to work with Kim in any capacity, you would be very fortunate.

Steve Mitten CPCC, MCC

Former President of the International Coach Federation 

Raphael Cushnir

Kim Ann Curtin is a gem - as a person, no doubt, but especially as a coach.

Her word is impeccable, her commitment is unparalleled, and her heart is always in the exact right place.

I recommend her, without reservation.

After you've worked with Kim for just a short while, you won't be able to imagine how you ever got along without her. Really.

Raphael CushnirAuthor of The One Thing Holding You Back and Surfing Your Inner Sea

Wendi S. Huestis

Kim Ann Curtin is a life and executive coach of the highest caliber.  I was fortunate enough to have her as my coach for 6 months.During that time, my business took off exponentially higher than I had ever anticipated.

I was finally able to get out of my own way and realize I did not have to fight on my own.Kim was there.She provided accountability and the structure I needed to stay genuine to my business, and, more importantly, to myself.

Kim is sincere, intelligent and operates in complete integrity.She knows when to push a client to reach for the next goal, yet steps back when she senses they are not ready.Her direct yet friendly approach appeals to people of all backgrounds, as she’s a chameleon who can adjust to every person.

Wendi S. Huestis

Founder, Marketing Internet Entrepreneurs


Magazine Columnist

January 2009

Kim’s columns appear in The Mann Report and Mann on the Street


October 2008 Russian Today TV

March 2008 Kim is interviewed by Life Coach TV

September 2008 Kim’s starts her own You Tube Channel


October 2008 Kim is interviewed for “The Dusty Show” with Clay Pigeon on WFMUTo listen to Kim’s interview click on October 9 at 25:56 min thru 34:31


October 2008 Kim featured in NYU’s Washington Square News

Online Media

July 2009 Kim featured on

April 2009 Kim featured in CNN Money

Kim featured in Fortune Magazine

October 2008 Kim featured in Russia Today

October 2008 Kim featured in L’Express, French magazine:

August 2008 Kim featured in Smart’s Small Business Site:Work & Life: Getting Help From a Coach

June 2008 Radio Interview on Voice America with Sharmen Lane;

Topic: Image is Everything:

July 2008 Kim as an expert for Associated Press suggesting motivational strategies’ for the average American during hard times. See PR page for interview. 

Special Events

Extracurricular Activities

Kim on Video


Kim is an internationally certified coach whose methods are proven to dramatically decrease stress, improve finances, increase personal time, deepen career satisfaction, improve personal relationships, and overcome limiting behaviors. In addition to her personal coaching she provides business coaching, advising small companies on strategy and social media.

Kim brings extraordinary problem solving and strategic abilities to her coaching. These skills were developed during her years as an Executive & Personal Assistant for CEOs at the C-level in finance, and while running her own two small businesses.

What past clients have said: "A trust agent." "Engaging and powerful." "Kim-Possible." "A catalyst for possibility, passion and profit." "A best friend, a soothsayer, and a professional guru all rolled in one." "Unlocks your internal strengths." "Left me reinvigorated, confident and encouraged."

Kim has been featured in CNN.Money; Fortune Magazine; Smart Money; USA Today; and Associated Press, among others. She is a blogger and a columnist for the magazines The Mann Report and Mann on the Street. A longtime student of Joseph Campbell, Kim facilitates workshops monthly on his Hero's Journey model. Her most recent talk was at The Learning Annex's 2009 MoneyFest with Suze Orman and Donald Trump.

Public Speaking & Training

August 2009

Workshop Leader for 24 Seven Talent

July 2009

Filmed first episode of The Coach Shoppe TV on Wall Street, New York, NY

April 2009

  • Speaker at The Learning Annex MoneyFest 2009, New York, NY with Suze Orman & Donald Trump Topic: Career Transition
  • Personal Growth & Wellness Meet-up Group Topic: From Fear to Power  “Kim was wonderfully articulate and very emotionally available.” ~Participant

February 2009

Interviewed on the Alan Steinfeld

New Realities Show, New York, NY

January 2009

Coordinate and lead first NYC Greenlight Community Group

December 2008

Free Hugs at Columbus Circle, New York, NY

November - September 2008

Co-led Hero Workshop on Joe Campbell’s Power of Myth at The Meta Center, New York, NY

May 2008

  • Financial Freedom is Sexy - Seminar with Sue Gilad, Opening Remarks  Topic: How to Receive
  • Introduction Remarks for Michael E.Gerber at St. Bartholomew’s Church, New York, NY
  • CEO Space, NYC New York Athletic Club, New York, NY

April 2008

  • Led Empowerment Workshop at Good Shepherd Services, New York, NY Topic: Responsibility & Empowerment Workshop for young adults
  • CEO Space Meeting, New York, New York, NY  Co-Led & Facilitated an Empowerment Workshop 
  • La Vida Femme Event, New York, New York, NY Topic: How Responsibility Opens the Money Door

March 2008

Public Speaking on NYC Subway, New York, NY

Topic: What Would You Do If You Had No Fear?

January 2008

Living Your Legacy, Private Home, New York, NY

Co-Led Legacy Workshop Topic: How to Live Your Legacy NOW

November 2007

  • Free Hugs in Central Park, New York, NY
  • Trinity Church Asbury Park, Asbury Park, Asbury Park, NJ Co-Led an Empowerment Workshop Topic: Be Empowered

June 2007

CEO Space Meeting, New York, New York Topic: What Your Image Says About You

November 2006

Free Hugs in Central Park, New York, NY