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I had interested computing knowledge from elementary school.

so, I get those Skills at elementary school.

I can repair some computer. but, I don`t have certification.

that is my big problem.

And my interest is Music.

I somtimes make the Music in my room.

but, those don`t have the popularity.


My name is JinYong Kim.

I live in Bucheon Si, South Korea.

I go to Chung·ang University, now.

My Interest is mainly Computer.

So, I have a little Computer Skill.

But, I have a problem.

I don`t  have certain profession about cunstruct, accouting, computer.

however, I must be Professer.

If you have a Question about me,

You send a E-mail to [email protected].

Work experience

Jun 2009Aug 2009

Ojeong ward office

I worked in Ojeong ward office on the last summer vacation.I am office assist. I find error of documents, and filing.

And Help Word process, computer ploblems.

when I work in, I watch the accouting documents.

It is lots assist for me accounting.



Wonjong high School

My high school get awards because of My club.

That club is to inform foreigners Korea.


Computer Process Skills, Top Level
I get those skills at Elementary School. but I always use, I don`t forget it. those are useful. but many people in between job almost get it.
Word Process, Top Level