Jin Yong Kim

  • Bucheon Si South Korea


I had interested computing knowledge from elementary school.

so, I get those Skills at elementary school.

I can repair some computer. but, I don`t have certification.

that is my big problem.

And my interest is Music.

I somtimes make the Music in my room.

but, those don`t have the popularity.


My name is JinYong Kim.

I live in Bucheon Si, South Korea.

I go to Chung·ang University, now.

My Interest is mainly Computer.

So, I have a little Computer Skill.

But, I have a problem.

I don`t  have certain profession about cunstruct, accouting, computer.

however, I must be Professer.

If you have a Question about me,

You send a E-mail to [email protected].

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2009 - Aug 2009

Ojeong ward office

I worked in Ojeong ward office on the last summer vacation.I am office assist. I find error of documents, and filing.

And Help Word process, computer ploblems.

when I work in, I watch the accouting documents.

It is lots assist for me accounting.


2008 - 2006

Wonjong high School

My high school get awards because of My club.

That club is to inform foreigners Korea.



Computer Process Skills, Top Level

I get those skills at Elementary School. but I always use, I don`t forget it. those are useful. but many people in between job almost get it.

Word Process, Top Level