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Kim Aird

Server/Hotess at Battle Ground Country Club

Work experience

Oct 2014Feb 2015


Battleground Country Club

I worked at the Battleground Country Club for a year as a hostess/server

where I along with other employees served guests at different functions

such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, christenings, bridal showers,

baby showers, birthday parties, various seminars and business conventions

New Years Eve, Christmas Eve,parties and a also Thanksgiving day feast  and

the list goes on.

I worked in the banquet hall where I would serve the guests their 

meals and their drinks. I would refresh their glasses or cups with

their drink of choice and when they were done I would clean the

tables. I would set up all of the tables along with other reps in the,

banquet ball room to get them ready after each event was done to

prepare for the next event . I would also prepare food that had be

brought out on the floor for a particular event.  

I  brought dirty dishes to the kitchen to be washed after they were cleaned I

put them away. I also emptied the garbage and swept the floor and cleaned

any spills or any mess that was on floor in the kitchen or in the banquet hall

right away so that nobody would slip and fall. I also worked very well with the

other employees while I worked there. Most importantly I always showed the 

guests,a great time and catered to them by giving them whatever they wanted

within reason. I went above and beyond, for the customers satisfaction and,

happiness because their happiness was my number one priority at all times.

Feb 2011Feb 2014

Non Profit Coordinator


I worked  as a non profit coordinator for  the organization called UFAD of

which I am a member of for 3 years, where I helped the organization raise

money for its annual fundraiser every year by helping them secure a lot of,

donations from businesses so that we are able to every year give more and

more scholarships, to high school students who are in high school preparing 

for college. Providing that they to have good grades and a good gpa it does

not at all have to be a 4.0 it could be a 3.7. All of  the other members in the,

organization and myself are invested,in the youth in our community as well

as the surrounding communities who are in the local high schools future.

The organization also host different programs at the local library for

the diverse families who live in the community and  the surrounding,

communities which is all about creating unity and positivity amongst

the people in the community . We give out a food baskets to families in

need in the community around Thanksgiving time. As an organization

we do our best to give back to the community as much as possible as

we can every year.

Apr 2008Sep 2011

Sales Floor Representatives /Stock Room Clerk

Bob's Clothing Store

I worked as a sales floor representative/stockroom clerk at Bobs's clothing

store where I assisted customers on the sales floor. Along with also setting

up the store in he early morning to get it ready for customers to come in and

shop, until late at night where I would close make sure that the items in the

store were put away neatly in their proper place and that set up in a way and

 a manner that ensured there were no mistakes to fix or go over the next day.

I worked well with other employees because I am a team player  I can work

efficiently by myself as well.

I would also sort the articles of clothing by the different departments in a

neat way and manner by keeping them together neatly by color, size and

gender the clothing was already color coordinated so they didn't need to

be sorted out in that regard. I always had an eye for detail, color schemes,

patterns and also know which pieces of clothing  would look good together,

so when they were put away on the sales floor they for sure would  instantly

grab any customers attention because my main objective was their happiness

and satisfaction.

Nov 2006Jan 2008

Sales Floor Representatives

Banana Republic

I worked as a sales floor representative in Banana Republic where I

helped customers put outfits together I also would stock the shelves

that were running low on inventory. I would also fold tables and make

sure that they were neat  and orderly. I would set up the mannequins

for those tables as well. I also gave them style tips on what trends and 

styles to buy and, I always steered the customers toward timeless and

effortless pieces that  never ever go out of style and are were versatile,

that made them feel good about purchasing the article of clothing.

I always wanted the customers to leave the store with a smile on their face .I

also cleaned the sales floor and also made that counter tops where the cash

registers were located were clean as well. I let customers know,about sales,

that the store was having so that, they could always get most for their money

and leave satisfied that they got their moneys worth and have clothing that,

they can feel good in and leave the store feeling more confident than before.

Nov 2003Jan 2006

Sales Floor Representatives


I was a sales floor representative where I attended to customers by helping

them not only pick out outfits that best suit and fit them I, also helped them

pick out shoes, hats and jewelry that would tie everything together. All the

added touches with color schemes and patterns that would bring out their

personality. I cleaned up  all of the fitting rooms and the sales floor and also, 

the counters around the cash registers and I made sure that display tables

looked imaculate so that the store was always in tip top shape at all times.

Nov 2001Jan 2003

Sales Floor Representatives


I worked as a sales floor representative in Macy's where I assisted customers

picking out and putting timeless pieces together that best suited and also  fit

them to a T. That are effortless patterns and color schemes that never ever go,

out of style and something that is fashion forward and give them the confident

about wearing an outfit that they can feel great in. I would give the customers,

my undivided attention at all times. I also cleaned up the fitting rooms when 

they were doing using them.

I always made sure that the customers needs were met in regards to fashion

by not only helping them on the sales floor picking and also putting outfits, 

together, I helped them with advice on fashion what clothing style wise were

in vogue at that time.  What styles to, invest in to ensure that they would get 

the most for their money. I wanted the customers to be happy with what they

purchased and save money at the same time. I made sure that the customers

always had a great shopping experience.


Style Coordinator

I have a keen sense of style and a flair for fashion.

I am very detail oriented and know how to put an 

outfit together with the right added touches.

I have a strong work ethic I will the go the extra

mile to get the job done.

I know that timeless pieces by companies that are all about

improving on their product but have the same great quality,

within their brands are truly the way to go.

I am a positive person who works well with others and I 

also work efficiently by myself.

I always do my best to ensure that the customers needs 

come first whenever I am assisting them.