For over a decade, Kilpatrick Construction has offered quality paving and masonry work to residential and commercial customers in Westchester County, New York. Kilpatrick Construction distinguishes itself as a small family-run business that places a premium on customer relations while striving to perform at the highest levels. The professional masons at Kilpatrick Construction possess years of experience with a variety of high-end materials, including paving stones and bricks, blacktop, and concrete. Using top-of-the-line products such as Unilock brick pavers, bluestone, and Belgian block, Kilpatrick Construction can build durable patios, fireplaces, walkways, and retaining walls. In addition, customers often call on Kilpatrick Construction to repave a driveway, power wash a building, or pour a foundation. Kilpatrick Construction owner Gerard Berry is a seasoned mason, having learned the trade from his father, and he ensures that each project receives the care and attention it needs. Offering reasonable rates and a two-year warranty on all work performed, Kilpatrick Construction continues to satisfy its growing customer base. The masonry and paving materials available today offer many benefits to the home or building owner. Kilpatrick Construction often uses interlocking brick or stone pavers, which have become a popular choice due to their durability and wide range of style and color options. Each paver has interlocking ridges that align it to the next stone, making a tight fit that nevertheless allows enough room for shifting, so the stone rarely breaks. The team at Kilpatrick Construction has found that maintenance, when necessary, is very cost-effective to perform since the damaged stone can easily be removed and replaced. Kilpatrick Construction, a licensed concrete and masonry contractor, holds Yonkers license #4199.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2001 - Present

Paving and Masonry

Kilpatrick Construction

Blacktop Paving, parking lots, concrete, stone work, steps, patios, retaining walls, belgian block, walkways, foundations, waterproofing, uniblock brick pavers, power washing, bluestone. Any and all masonry work.