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Kierria L Carter

People-oriented, outstanding communication skills.Goal oriented and In depth experience/knowledge in customer service



Patterson high school

100 Kane st Baltimore, MD 21224

Business & Finance 

Office Technology 1&2

High School Diploma


To join an company that offers me a constructive workplace for communicating and interacting with customers and people.


Customer service

Exemplary ability to understand and carry out simple and complex directions.

Strong ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

Adept at performing a variety of tasks often on short notice.

Known to work well with Profound skills in handling a fast-paced and busy work environment.

Proven ability to lift 25lbs or more of load.


Problem-solving abilities 


•Accurate ,Careful, precise,

•Adaptable, Able to adapt myself  to new surroundings; to make suitable change so as to fit new conditions.

•Full of ambition

• Feeling and inspiring friendliness; lovable.


•Active, full of life, vigorous, an energetic worker.

•Flexible, Manageable,

•Reliable Dependable.


•Able to work beyond duty time including evenings and weekends

Work History


Customer Service/Cashier


•Issued receipt,refunds,credits,and change due to customers. Posted charges against guests and patients accounts. Calculated total payments received during a time period ,and reconciled this with total sales. Received payment by cash,check,credit cards,vouchers,and automatic debits. Resolved customer complaints.

•I Attained success in balancing the cash after an extremely busy holiday season following many discrepancies in cash-against-items-sold. Reduced waiting time for customers by providing quick services.


Environmental service Tech

John's hopkins outpatient

•Assisted in doing the daily cleaning and sterilization of each of the operating rooms and vacant patient rooms in the facility.

•Assisted in moving equipment from room to room Often asked to take on environmental projects in areas of the hospital that were off limits to others.

•Assisted in creating and administering the regular weekly cleaning schedule for the hospital.

• Maintain an accurate cleaning log utilizing cleaning chemicals. and Specializes in large hospitals and large clinics.


Photo Technician/cashier


• Photo Lab Tech I ensured  that photographic negatives that were submitted to the photo center were developed and processed correctly.

• Develop digital film into hard copies of photographs, as well as the development of photo rolls.

•Maintain cleanliness of machinery and work space. Kept a numerical and alphabetical record of all orders.

As a cashier my responsibilities was to greet the customers. Handling all the cash transaction.

•Receive payment by cash, checks, credit card etc. Checking daily cash accounts.

•Guiding and solving queries of customer. and Maintaining a monthly, weekly and daily report of transactions.


Dietary Aide

Johns hopkins

Prepare nutritious meals and snacks for patients, staff and visitors.

• Ensured resident satisfaction.Provided fast, well-organized and pleasant delivery of food

• Assisted in bussing and resetting tables
 Performed cleanliness responsibilities in kitchen and pantries

• Assist cooks and operate required tools to accomplish service

• Clean work area, utensils, dishes, and pots and pans.
 Check inventory of items and fill orders.Run and fill various food-service machines.

• Follow diagrams and lists to prepare patient trays to specifications

• Interact with clientele in a pleasant manner and handle customer complaints