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Hello there. My name is Anne Taylor. I recently graduated from Gordon College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, and a minor in English literature and language.Stories are my passion, and I seek to learn them through historical study, sociological observation and adventure learning. I believe strongly in the power of creativity, team work, and experience in seeking hope and meeting goals.My objective is to be a light in the darkness of this world, and to always be learning and refining my craft and skills.Challenge, adventure, and creativity fuel progress; this is an eternal truth. As First Lady Abigail Adams wrote to her son, John Quincy, in 1780, "When a mind is raised, and animated by scenes that engage the heart, then those qualities that would otherwise lay dormant, wake into life, and form the character of the hero and the statesman." I am currently seeking opportunities near Denver, Colorado, opportunities to write, teach and facilitate creative learning opportunities where individuals seek the life of "the hero and the statesman."Cheers!


  • History - the study of stories, people and culture
  • Sociology
  • Non-fiction writing
  • Journalism and Magazine writing
  • Non-profit and social justice work
  • Public speaking
  • Historical research
  • Editing, grammar (Chicago style, MLA style)
  • Social media

Academic Awards

  • Graduated Cum Laude - 3.53 GPA                                                             May 2010
  • Presidential Honors List - 3.77 GPA                                                           Fall 2009 & Spring 2010
  • Dean's Honors List                                                                                         Spring 2008, Fall 2008              
  • Gordon College Challenge Scholarship                                                    2006-2010


Amy Hilton

“Anne is a dependable worker who is very attentive to details and who is always looking to take on more responsibility and contribute as fully as possible to the work of the office. She strives to complete her work with the highest level of professionalism and is an excellent writer.” 

-January 6, 2010

Admissions Events Coordinator , Gordon College (managed Anne indirectly at Gordon College)

Matt Gilchrist

“Anne displayed an incredible amount of leadership and initiative [as a participant on a student community service trip to Washington, D.C. in 2005]. She was a leader among leaders and demonstrated exceptional interpersonal skills and a desire to care about the needs of others.” -January 6, 2010

Kevin Schaum

“I had the privilege of working directly with Anne during her tenure at MontBell. Anne proved herself to be an integral part of the team. Her exceptional customer service skills. attention to detail, and team minded attitude were a strong addition to MontBell. I highly recommend Anne- she will be a valuable asset to any company or organization.”-January 7, 2010

Former Events Coordinator/Sales Assosciate, MontBell America (managed Anne indirectly at MontBell America)

David Wolfe

“Anne Taylor is a wonderful and kindhearted woman who strives to give her very best in everything she does. I was Anne's Supervisor while we were working at La Vida's Rock Wall. She displayed an exceptional level of responsibility and humility and I felt very comfortable leaving her in charge of a variety of tasks at the same time. I recommend Anne for any position, knowing she will out-perform most of her peers with respect and integrity.” 

-March 10, 2009

(managed Anne at La Vida Center for Outdoor Education)


Seeking position in high energy, creative, and team oriented environment that challenges my writing and project management skills and leverages my work and leadership experiences.

My Blog

Work experience

Jun 2010Jul 2010


Ride:Well Tour, Pacific Coast
  • Cycled with a team of eleven individuals from San Diego, California to Seattle, Washington to raise awareness and support for Blood:Water Mission, a non-proft organization that seeks to empower communities to work together to creatively fight the HIV/AIDs and water crises in sub-Saharan Africa. 
  • The Ride:Well Tour is facilitated by Venture Expeditions, a community that seeks to empower people to benefit the world and discover their souls through adventure-driven humanitarian efforts.
Aug 2009May 2010

Senior Intern & Tele-Counseling Coordinator

Gordon College Admissions
  • Oversaw nine interns in their training and participation in tele-counseling, web chats, and other outreach activities.
  • Created tele-counseling manual profiling Gordon’s key messages to increase yield from inquiries to credentialed prospective students.
  • Launched new web chat program, and created web chat manual for intern use.
  • Initiated data entry project to identify lost or missing prospective student information for counselor outreach.
  • Assisted Colorado counselor with data entry, recruiting, and admissions events.
  • Manager and writer for Gordon’s Colorado recruitment blog.
May 2009Aug 2009

Challenge Course Facilitator

Tilikum High Adventure Camp
  • Site-specific training completed for challenge course facilitation by Synergo
  • Red-Cross certified Life Guard
  • Facilitated groups of 8-12 middle school students through challenge course, basic survival skills  and nature curriculum and Christian devotional studies. 
  • Skills acquired: facilitation, leadership, debriefing skills to encourage and develop team building, trust, respect, self-esteem, and mature growth in adolescents. 
May 2009Aug 2009

Resource Assistant and Activities Development Intern

The Mentoring Project

  • Created a resource tool kit for mentors, mentees, mothers, churches, in preparation for the national launch of the program this fall which supports boys ages 7-14.
  • Compiled an activity list for mentors to promote reflective dialogue between the mentor and mentee.
Jan 2009May 2009

Server at Jill's Restaurant

St. Julien Hotel and Spa

  • Trained to provide full-tableside wine service, specialty coffee, and customer service at this AAA and Mobile four star, four diamond hotel.
Jan 2007Dec 2008

Individual Visit Intern and Writer

Gordon College Admissions
  • Registered and scheduled individual visits for prospective students.
  • Authored weekly online journal entries for Admission Office website highlighting Gordon’s influence on personal and academic development.

Full Reference Letter from Ryan Groff, Individual Visit Coordinator:

“I have had the distinct privilege of working alongside Miss. Anne Taylor in the Admissions Office of Gordon College (Wenham, MA) where she led my support staff of three student interns.

My primary responsibility at Gordon College was to provide prospective students and their families with a visit experience which allows them to more certainly discern whether the community of Gordon College is the best fit for their undergraduate education.

I have directly witnessed Anne’s interpersonal communication capabilities and intuitive creativity during the years she worked in my office. While in the office, Anne was responsible for responding to phone and email visit-registration requests, sending accurate confirmations to registered visitors, entering visitor information into our campus-wide database and clearly communicating with her fellow interns to guarantee that protocol for the aforementioned tasks was followed consistently. In addition, Anne was the only intern on my staff who helped me to coordinate with Gordon’s staff and faculty in the actual scheduling of our prospective student visits. Her creative ideas also provided crucial support as our office transitioned from a paper-based scheduling and communication system to one that is electronic. Finally, Anne welcomed visitors to our campus as a student tour guide; introducing prospective visitors to the different components of our community in the context of a 1-hour walking tour. While these tours required clear communication, our guides were also expected to effectively field questions in a professional, yet relational manner while carefully managing the group’s time so as not to infringe upon other scheduled appointments.

Anne exemplified the necessary skills to fulfill the responsibilities listed above, but she earned a position of respect amongst her fellow interns and the Admissions staff because she approached her work holistically.

Anne’s service in admissions was characterized by an excitement about Gordon, and not merely an opportunity for employment. Whether she was requesting more responsibility without the guarantee of increased pay or actively listening to my suggestions, Anne was an asset to our office because she perceived that her position was more than a job, and her tasks were more than items on a checklist.

For this reason, I highly recommend Anne to you as someone who will diligently meet your expectations while always considering new and creative ways to exceed them. Your organization and fellow employees will also benefit from the conscientious commitment Anne brings to her work.” 

-Ryan Groff, January 5, 2010

Jan 2007Dec 2008

Individual Visit Intern & Writer

Gordon College Admissions

  • Registered and scheduled individual visits for prospective students.
  • Authored weekly online journal entries for Admission Office website highlighting Gordon’s influence on personal and academic development.
  • Completed visit data entry visit confirmation calls.
  • Student leader for Accepted Student Day on campus and in Boston.
Aug 2007Dec 2008

"Discovery" class Teacher's Assistant

La Vida Center for Outdoor Education
  • Assisted the Senior Leader with facilitating group discussions and debriefs.
  • Facilitated team building and personal growth initiatives at the Gordon College Challenge course and rock climbing wall.
  • Lead weekend camping trips to the White Mountains of New Hampshire
May 2007Dec 2007

Sales Associate

MontBell America
  • Provided helpful and knowledgeable customer service in the sales of outdoor clothing and equipment, completed transactions at the register, and created and managed merchandise displays throughout the store.
  • In partnership with my interest in outdoor education and adventure learning, I sought to learn more about high-quality specialty equipment used in the field. As a part of the MontBell team, I was mentored by avid rock climbers, mountaineers, kayakers, and marathon runners in a sales team model that fostered trust, respect, and genuine teamwork.
May 2007Oct 2007

Carbon Valley Edition Intern

The Longmont Daily Times-Call

  • Wrote feature stories and editorial columns, and continued to submit a bi-weekly column to the paper through the fall season. 
  • Skills acquired: interviewing, writing with deadlines, submitting stories, and fact checking.


Aug 2006May 2010

Bachelor of Arts

Gordon College
  • I designed my undergraduate History coursework to be purposefully complemented by and partnered with Literature, Sociology and Philosophy coursework that would adequately prepare me for Graduate studies in History, and a career in Education and Non-Fiction Writing: 
    • General history
      • Western Civilizations
      • Western Literature
      • Early Modern Philosophy
      • Modern Civilizations
      • Colloquium in Historiograpy
    • United States history
      •  Colonial-1848
      • The Salem Witch Trials
      • American Literature
      • Urban Sociology
      • Sociology of Gender
      • Sociology of Education
    • Medieval history
      • Medieval Europe
      • Medieval Art and Spirituality
      • Medieval Islam
    • Ancient history
      • Ancient Belief and the Early Church
      • Classical Literature
      • Philosophy: Human Perspectives, Ancient to Modern
  • Senior Thesis Research and Paper:
    • "Hagia Sophia: Political and Religious Crossroads"
      • Thesis: "The Hagia Sophia is the site of a major political and religious crossroads. The church represented in its early years the foundation of Christianity as the major faith tradition and was a symbol of the wealth and magnificence of Constantinople as the imperial capital. After the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople in 1453, the Hagia Sophia was not spared as a relic of Christianity's former rule, but was immediately converted into a mosque; this was a clear action to show the world the power and strength of the Ottoman Turks over the defeated Byzantines, and by implication that of Islam over Christianity. Since the conquest, the Hagia Sophia has remained a tangible example of the dichotomy between the two political and religious factions that once ruled from this building." -Anne Taylor


Group Facilitation and Team Building
Highly trained in group facilitation and team building initiatives designed to bring your team together, to build trust, group and personal confidence levels, and refine communication skills.  Well acquainted with debriefing tools that allow the group conversation to be steered towards growth, problem solving and meeting common goals.
Microsoft Office Products
  Highly proficient in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook Proficient in Microsoft Excel  
Adobe Suite Products
Proficient with Adobe Photoshop Introduced to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign
Social Media
  Twitter Blogging Facebook Basic HTML coding skills  
Communication (Verbal and Written)
  Starting with a simple interest in theatre arts, I began to learn more about effective verbal communication while acting in community shows.  Received two years of mentorship in interviewing, writing and public speaking from my college search counselor and my roll in high school Student Government. Received four years of mentorship from Admissions counselors and Gordon College administrators in speaking with prospective students and their parents, writing for the Admissions blog, and attending prospective and alumni events for Gordon College Development office.