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Sista'z Dance
Sista'z Dance is a dance business that my sister and I started when I was in 9th grade. We were first looking for an opporunity to raise some extra money, but as we started advertising we noticed that there were a lot of low income families with young girls near where we lived. Our dance business became an opporutnity to lower income families to have the same opportunities. We only charge $15/ month and teach ballet and jazz technique, teach a fun dance, and two performances per year. Sista'z Dance has two classes going now and they are full to capacity. It's so fun to teach the girl's something that I am so passionate about.
Island Teens Against Tobacco
Island Teens Against Tobacco is a club I started at my school just this year. At first it was a great way to get the Polynesian culture involved with the school, but as I got into, I grew a passion for being tobacco and drug free. Our ultimate goal is to prevent drugs and tobacco and make it "cool" to be drug free. As of now, I have 32 members in this club. We have partnered with the Washington Youth Coalition where we both work together to prevent drugs and tobacco. 
Honor Roll
I have been on the Honor Roll for five years now and I can honestly say that it has taken a lot of hard work and determination. I stay in during lunch two or three times a week just to understand concepts better and to do homework so I can gain a full understanding of it all. Even though it has taken a lot of work it is worth it in the end.
Member of Dance Company
I have been a member of Pine View High School's Dance company for four years now. I have learned how to be a team player, use my creativity to come up with new dances, be a leader, and love unconditionally. We dance every other morning at 6:00 AM to 9:10 AM. During the year we are involved in a lot such as performing at all of the home boys and girls basketball and football games, Shakespeare Festival, our very own Winter Concert, UDEO, SUPAF, and our annual Spring Concert. This year I was appointed to be the captain over the team where I was in responsible for how this year was going to turn out. My dance coach said in my letter of reccomendation that I have been the best dance captain she has ever had. I work hard to keep my team positive, technical, and love the art of dance.

Work experience


  • Teach at self-owned dance company, teaching girls ages 3-5 and 6-9
  • Sold various prodcuts for dance fundraisers
  • Advertise for dance classes and dance workshops for girls ages 5-13


  • Keep track of dancer and mother's contact information and contact them when needed
  • Manage money from dancers
  • Maintain a 3.8 GPA while being involved in the school

Leadership Skills:

  • Captain of the Dance Company for one year
  • President and founder of school club, Island Teens Against Tobacco for one year
  • President of Beehives and Mia Maids for three years
  • A member of Leadership Academy for one year
May 2013Present

Front Line

Golden Corral

I have been working in the front line at Golden Corral for almost a year now and I have been able to keep the front of the restaurant clean, operate a register, fill drinks, and count a till at the end of each night I work. In order to be a successful employee at Golden Corral I need to be a social, outgoing, and hardworking employee who can get a long with anybody who comes in. I set the mood for the customer and make sure that right when they step into our restaurant they feel welcomed and at home.

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Liahona Academy Boys Home

Being a Liahona Academy transcriber I was able to get all of the recordings from therapy session that the therapist would have with the troubled teens and transfer them over onto a document where I would download onto a flashdrive for the therapist. I needed to type 25 words per minute and know how to use computer programs such as Microsoft Word.



Pine View High School

Dixie State University


Tia Stokes

Shelley Bracken

Becky Reed