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Baccalaureate prepared and professionally trained registered nurse with fourteen years of experience in the healthcare industry.

Proven ability to provide high standards of evidence-based, compassionate, and culturally competent nursing care to patients across the lifespan.

Expert knowledge in critical care nursing, chronic disease management, lifestyle modification coaching, telephonic medical advice, and public health consulting.  

Exceptional written and verbal communication skills to promote learning, facilitate understanding, and resolve conflict.

High level of adaptability to rapid organizational changes with strong experience in building and maintaining professional relationships.

Work experience

Feb 2016Oct 2016

Hypertension and Diabetes Nurse Consultant 

Georgia Department of Public Health

Professional duties  

  • Assisted the cardiovascular program manager and the diabetes and vision program manager with activities and reporting of performance measures for Cooperative Agreement 1305: State Public Health Actions to Prevent and Control Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity and Associated Risk Factors and Promote School Health, CDC-RFA-DP13-1305.
  • Revised clinical nurse protocols for hypertension and diabetes management in adults. 
  • Developed a quality improvement plan and quality assurance standards for hypertension and diabetes nurse protocols.
  • Collaborated with the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University on the development of a didactic program to train public health nurses, prior to implementation of the hypertension and diabetes nurse protocols.
  • Identified medical equipment needs and allocated resources through the state procurement process.
  • Developed a fee-schedule for diabetes management using the Georgia Medicaid Management Information System (GAMMIS) portal.
  • Created patient education brochures for hypertension, diabetes, healthy eating habits using the DASH eating plan, and physical activity.
  • Served as a hypertension and diabetes subject matter expert to health care professionals and program managers in the Georgia Department of Public Health, local partners, and national networks.
  • Created and delivered in-person and webinar presentations to a variety of audiences on hypertension and diabetes management.
  • Served as a nurse planner for the state office of nursing to facilitate educational activities and completed application packets for nursing continuing education credits.
  • Reviewed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant applications and prepared technical review documents.
  • Drafted, edited, and negotiated contracts.  
  • Completed training and obtained a certificate through the Diabetes Training and Technical Assistance Center (DTTAC) at Emory University to develop national, state, or community-based Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPP).
Jun 2012Oct 2015

Telephonic Medical Advice Registered Nurse

Kaiser Permanente Georgia - Atlanta, GA

Professional Duties

  • Performed detailed telephonic triage and assessments of beneficiaries for the adult medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology departments.
  • Utilized evidence-based practice guidelines in accordance with departmental quality assurance processes to determine appropriate level of care and appropriate access of medical facilities.   
  • Acted as primary liaison between patients and the primary health care team, HUB emergency physicians, various specialists, referral department, case management department and the quantitative risk management department to identify care gaps, escalate complex care cases for further medical review, coordinate care and access services with community partners.
  • Utilized the EPIC electronic medical records for clinical documentation, medication reconciliation, placing orders, and chart review.
  • Provided explanation of lab results, radiology results and provider plan of care.
  • Excelled as a resource nurse and preceptor for multiple skill-sets and specialties, and active member of the Planning, Implementation and Performance (PIP) Committee.  
Jul 2011Oct 2012

Clinical Staff Registered Nurse

Atlanta Medical Center - Atlanta, GA

Professional Duties

  • Monitored and managed high­ acuity medical intensive care patients with diagnoses of acute and chronic diseases including myocardial infarction, cerebral vascular accidents, hyperglycemic coma, end stage disease related to HIV/AIDS, arrhythmias, gastrointestinal bleeds, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, respiratory failure and acute respiratory disease, sepsis and multi-symptom organ failure, acute and chronic kidney disease. 
  • Vast knowledge of infectious disease identification, treatment procedures, and infection control practices.
  • Demonstrated strong knowledge of advanced pharmacology.
Mar 2010Jun 2012

Senior Staff Nurse

Grady Memorial Hospital - Atlanta, GA 

Professional Duties

  • Selected as the core group of nurses, physicians, pharmacists, administrators and allied healthcare professionals to open and staff the Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center at Grady Memorial Hospital.  
  • Assisted in data collection for the Paul Coverdell National Acute Stroke Registry.
  • Provided assistance in the development of unit specific ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke nursing protocols. 
  • Performed charge nurse and preceptor duties including coordinating direct admissions, intra-hospital transfers into the Neuro Intensive Care Unit and the Neuro step down unit.
Sep 2009Sep 2010

Medical Advice Registered Nurse

WellPoint - Atlanta, GA

Professional Duties

  • Performed symptom-specific telephonic triage to identify acute health care needs and recommendations for care coordination thorough multi­ system assessment and knowledge of specific acute illnesses and chronic disease exacerbation. 
  • Utilized clinical practice guidelines, department-approved and evidence based online-resources to provide health plan members with general health information and specific medication information to promote education and safety. 
  • Coordinated after­ hours admission and pre- authorization information to be accessed by the utilization review department.
Jun 2005Aug 2009

Clinical Staff Registered Nurse

John H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County - Chicago, IL

Professional Duties

  • Provided professional nursing care for patients admitted to the Cook County Hospital Level 1 Trauma unit:  12­-bed trauma intensive care unit, a 14-bed trauma observation unit and 20­-bed trauma resuscitation area equipped with a trauma bey/shock rooms.
  • Expert management of artificial airways with ventilator support, invasive bedside procedures, hemodynamic monitoring, titration of vasoactive medications and Level 1 Rapid Infuser.
  • Provided compassionate and culturally sensitive palliative care, end­ of­ life care and family support.
Mar 2007Mar 2008

Disease Management Registered Nurse

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois - Chicago, IL 

Professional Duties

  • Completed telephonic semi-structured questionnaires with Blue Cross and Blue Shield members who were selected for participation in the chronic disease management program through claims data - related to one or more chronic illnesses and adverse lifestyle factors including diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, weight management, smoking cessation and depression.
  • Educated patients regarding dietary considerations, prescribed medication regimen, individual health goals in a voluntary disease management and monitoring program for a nine- month period.  
  • Assessed level of understanding and compliance with prescribed health maintenance and medication regimen.
Dec 2004May 2005

Clinical Staff Registered Nurse

Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Chicago, IL­

Professional Duties

  • Provided critical care clinical management of patients diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhages, cerebral tumors, AVM malformations, ischemic cerebral events, spinal tumors and spinal cord injuries.
  • Collected patient data during unit-based research studies for the Vigilance biomedical device for continuous cardiac output and hemodynamic monitoring.
  • Ability to interpret arterial blood gas readings, identify acid-base imbalances and suggest appropriate recommendations for correction/treatment.
Sep 2002Sep 2004

Clinical Staff Registered Nurse

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA

Professional Duties

  • Successfully completed the Gateway to Critical Care Program as a new-to-practice nurse; participated in a 20-week program consisting of classroom instruction, clinician-supervised skill workshops in simulation labs, and an additional 14-week structured clinical experience at staged levels in the intensive care unit.
  • Provided complex clinical nursing care to a wide variety of postoperative neurosurgical patients, patients prior to organ donation and post operative patients status post kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation.  
  • Proficient use of biomedical equipment for invasive cardiac output and hemodynamic monitoring, brain tissue perfusion, capnography, biospectral index monitoring of depth of sedation, monitoring of intracranial pressure and cerebral ventricular drainage.



    Masters of Public Health

    Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health

    Atlanta, GA


    Bachelors of Science in Nursing

    Villanova University, College of Nursing

    Villanova, PA

    Academic and Professional Presentations

    Padgett, K. (March 2016 - December 2016). Practicum Experience and Poster Presentation: Evaluation of Early Child Care Center Policies in Fulton County, Georgia.  Practicum Site:  HealthMPowers and the Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) Program. Practicum Advisor: Beth Stevenson, MPH - HealthMPowers.

    Ayantunji, R., Gitukui, S., Lyles, F., Padgett, K. Williams, D. (November 2016) Public Health Communications Campaign: Colorectal Cancer Screening (CRC) of African-American Men (Ages 50 or Older). Emory University - Rollins School of Public Health.  PRS538D:  Community Needs Assessment.

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    Padgett, K. (January 2008). Congestive Heart Failure - Disease Management Nurse Workflow.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.  Disease Management Department.

    Professional Organizations

    American Association of Diabetes Educators

    American Nurses Association

    American Public Health Association 

    Georgia Nurses Association