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Khushboo Nitnaware

Corporate Communications


  • Responsible for Corporate Branding
  • Devise Communication Strategy
  • Liaison between employees and AGM
  • Editor of the quarterly newsletter
  • Actualize creatives by the Designer per strategy
  • Strategize and Execute intranet contests
  • Manage Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Conduct Open Forum at Client Site and in-office
  • Realize external presentations for the company
  • Consummated new websites for the company
  • Negotiated with Vendors and Agencies
  • Google Analytics for websites and intranet


Capacity :

  • Practical judgment: To take critical and time sensitive decisions. 
  • Decisiveness: Capable of delivering quick solutions to the challenge.
  • Result oriented work: Ability to achieve target in allocated time.
  • Enthusiasm: To learn new things and use them to take on new challenges.
  •  Excellent Communication skills: To handle vendors and customers. Excellent verbal, written and presentation abilites.
  • Excellent organizational skills: To ensure delivery on time, every time.
  • Multi-tasking: Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and effectively.
  • Self-motivation: I learn with one goal, to have more knowledge and better judgment.
  • Solutions oriented and results driven attitude.

A better hand in :

  • Strategic planning and strategic leadership abilities.
  • Expertise in creating and launching press releases.
  • Timeline based image building actions using YouTube, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Press Releases and Wikipedia.
  • A connect with various journalists from the marketing and branding backgrounds
  • A knack of working with all sources of media channels.
  • Client development and retention strategies for existing customer base and new customers.
  • Stronger client relationships.
  • A successful record and strategic knowledge of implementation in blogs, web analytics, SEO, SEM.
  • FB and linkedin ads.

Work experience


Corporate Communications  Executive

Mind Craft

Responsibilities :

  • Strategizing, Branding, Image Building, Corporate and Media communication, PR.
  • Social media management.
  • Interacted with media for promotion of the product – Made key messages to attract the customer towards the brand.
  • Negotiated with the suppliers and vendors .
  • Developed ways to significantly improve web content, create on-page and off-page optimization, website design and technical adaptation.
  • Managed and developed an IMC to ensure that the corporate brand image remains true and consistent across platforms.
  • Led corporate staff to meet sales, training and business presentation targets and to maintain good interpersonal relations with customers and fellow colleagues. 
  • Constructed work plans, established marketing strategy and budget management & control.

Achievements :

  • Induction Kit - Designing, Coordination between HR and Corporate Communications departments, and MD, selection of vendors and getting the first batch printed.
  • Brochures - Ideation, Designing, Vendor selection, Coordination between Sales, Product engineering and Corporate Communication department.
  • Event - Successfully organized employee engagement activity for employees spread over three offices, along with the HR department. Was included as a part of the employee engagement team by the department within first 20 days.
  • Smooth switch-over to intranet usage for all employees . 
  • Planning and launch of various contest for onsite employees for higher employee involvement.

Corporate Communications  Executive

Majestic Mrss

Responsibilities :

  • Built the company brand by defining and executing PR.
  • Developed ways to improve the public image of the firm to generate more business opportunities.
  • Interacted with international clients, planned and conducted meetings and events, as a part of client retention strategy.
  • Discussed specific requirements and expectations for all events and occasions celebrated in house, and at various venues, ensuring the cost remains under the pre-determined budget.
  • Searched and negotiated suitable venues or locations to optimize the requirement and to suit the budget.
  • Served as a creative copywriter for – Sales pitches, presentations, brochures, web promotion and marketing materials.
  • Planned and organized firm’s proactive presence in several communication channels, including – Traditional media channels, online, social media, business/commercial events, conferences and industry meetings.
  • Ensured visitor-friendly UI of web resources.
  • Researched interesting websites with unique content.
  • Analyzed and reported web analytics performance – Gave relevant recommendations and advised adjustments.

Achievements :

  • Planned and executed more efficient design of office premises.
  • Created and maintained social media profiles for Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • Took initiative for planning and celebration of various events, including external events like meetings and parties for clients, and internal events like client meeting at premises and celebrations of occasions.
  • I was commended for my contribution to MRSS India on idea ting, strategizing and executing the digital launch of MRSS India.

  • Over a 1 month duration, I planned and coordinated the launch of a new joint venture company SAM.
  • The IMC plan for this launch included Online and offline Branding and Marketing , for all of which I took initiative and successfully executed.
  • Sourced and was the bridge between the logo designers, the website vendor and the JV team of Scent Analysis.
  • Conducted successful meetings between journalists and CEO of the new company for Branding purposes.


Conducted a project on ‘Changes in focus of the Youth regarding clothing brands’ for final project on Business Research Methods, where I was responsible for developing the survey form for feedback, managing a team of 6 members and analyzing the collected data to draw coherent results.


Completed an eight week summer internship from BSP-SAIL, with a post-sales marketing research project titled ‘Analysis of CSI Data To Understand Trends in Buying Behavior’.





ICFAI Business School
PGPM in Marketing Management


IUD [ Dehradun ]
Dual specialization in Marketing and Finance
Jan 2009


VIT [ Bangalore ]

About me

I am an ambitious, confident, well read, well travelled and straightforward person, with pleasing personality and great communication skills, who likes to take every challenge head on.

I work with the focus of getting task at hand done, in the most efficient way possible and am usually great at managing people to get high involvement and productivity from them. I am a smart worker, but hard working too.

 I enjoy working under deadlines and strive for excellence in everything I do. I am enthusiastic about learning new concepts and technologies and finding their application to aid and amplify my work performance.

 I am an observer of human behavior, and use it to get a better understanding of how myriad people think. I like travelling, reading, and watching quality movies.

 I like old Bollywood music, and I am currently teaching myself to sketch and shade.