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Khoa Nguyen

Technical Lead | Solution Architect


- 8 years experience in software development and 5 years experience in digital enterprise solutions.

- Have good knowledge and working experience in agile methodologies and modern processes (Scrum, CI/CD).
- Have strong background in Java and related technologies.

Work experience


Solution Architect / Project Technical Lead 

FPT Software

Key skills / technologies :  Adobe Experience Cloud, Java, Technical Proposal, Spring framework, DevOps, Continuous Integration. 

  • Participate in digital transformation project to migrate legacy content management and loyalty system to new cloud-based digital platform (AWS, Adobe Cloud) for real-estate corporation in Singapore.
  • Join requirement analysis team to translate customer needs into technical solutions and provide estimation effort based on work break structure (WBS).
  • Collaborate with offshore development team to prepare basic designs, templates, components and services layers.
  • Research and integrate digital marking solutions based on Adobe Experience Cloud services (Adobe Target, Analytics) to support content personalization, tracking visitor behaviors, page traffic and conversion.

Development Team Lead


Key skills / technologies :  Spring framework, Adobe Experience Cloud, DevOps, Continuous Integration. 

  • Lead development team (front-end & back-end) to provide technology direction for large scale Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) implementation (banking projects).
  • Prepare detail technical designs, templates, components and services layers specification.
  • Integrate Adobe Marketing Cloud services (DTM, Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics) to support content personalization, tracking visitor behaviors, page traffic and conversion.
  • Play as DevOps role (installation, backup, workflow, permission and security).
  • Install and manage automated code analysis system to analyze code commits, track code coverage, alert potential security defects, partly automate code review activities. All that data is collected and represented in a real-time dashboard to make effortless to control quality and send report to the management.

Technical Team Lead - Java

Navigos Group -

Key skills / technologies :  Microservices , Elasticsearch, Spring framework, AngularJS, REST API

  • Join data team to research and experiment on improving Vietnamworks job search result by using Elasticsearch in order to make the search result more accurate, more relevant for job seekers. It leads to companies could receive more applications for their job post.
  • Implement resume parser to extract and manipulate job seeker's contact information.
  • Develop and design microservices platform for vietnameworks to help company create microsites, blog, profile, marketing campaign.
  • Join full stages of product workflow, from brainstorming ideas, implementing minimum viable prototyping to a product that users can use.
  • Build a career analytics product that collect data from job posting, store and analyze by using modern architectural patterns like Microservices based on Spring stack (Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Data).
  • Build a challenge management product by using AngularJS and Spring MVC. That is the place for people can post their challenge and seeking talented developers who can resolve the challenge.

Senior Software Engineer

Pyramid Consulting Vietnam (PYCOGROUP)

Key skills / technologies :  Adobe Experience Manager, Java, Continuous Integration

Developer :

  • Create OSGi services and servlets.
  • Configure OSGi services and bundles by using the Web console.
  • Manage OSGi configurations within the CRX repository.
  • Create templates and page components with custom dialogs.
  • Create a custom components or extend an existing components.
  • Setup clients libs, create customized widget with complex UI and behavior inside component dialog.
  • Import assets into DAM using WebDAV.
  • Implement tracking analytics by integrating with other Adobe products (SiteCatalyst, Omniture - currently Adobe Analytics)

Tech Lead :

  • Design and propose technical solutions based on user requirement or specification.
  • Translate AEM user stories into implementation approach.
  • Define and unify development tools, workflow, source control and convention for team at the beginning phase of projects (Maven, IDE, Git, VLT and several supported plugins).
  • Set up continuous integration and deployment pipeline (Jenkins).
  • Conduct AEM training course for new members (on job training).

SysOps :

  • Setup author and publish instance with different run modes.
  • Configure AEM workflows.
  • Troubleshoot system issues (log file rotation, memory allocation).
  • Migrate content between AEM instances.
  • Configure replication agents (author-publish for formal content and publish-author for user generated content)
  • Troubleshoot caching issues related to the Dispatcher.
  • Manage Access Control Level (ACL) permissions for users.



High Diploma - Software Engineering

FPT Aptech Academy


Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Certified Expert

Spring framework
Java (J2SE, J2EE)
Architecture & Design
Big Data & Microservices
Technical Management


Featured Projects

Ascott Brand Websites

- Migrate Ascott's legacy content and loyalty management system to new digital platform (Adobe solutions) including components, templates, master data, digital assets. The scale of migration is about 10k pages with multiple languages content and assets.

- The objectives of migration project not only bring legacy system to new digital platform but also facilitate new system to integrate with other solutions in Adobe digital ecosystem like analytics, campaign, targeting or personalized content.

Key Technologies : 
- Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, Spring framework  

All Nippon Airways (ANA) Website Migration

Project scope of work :

- Migrate content and digital assets of public website from legacy CMS to Adobe Experience Cloud 

- Develop new components and templates for public website.

- Integrate Adobe Experience Cloud  with Adobe Target using tag management system (Tealium).

Technologies :

- Adobe Experience Cloud, Tealium

Siam Commercial Bank Website Revamp

Project scope of work :

- Migrate all segments of public website from legacy content management system to new digital marketing suit.

- Integrate web applications (based on Adobe Experience Cloud) with customer back-end system like Salesforce.

- Integrate authentication mechanism using LDAP.

Technologies :

- Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Target

Nissan Europe Automotive

  • Building a marketing ecosystem for Nissan Europe Auto (includes 41 countries and regions in EU) using Adobe Experience Manager 5.6 (Adobe CQ) CMS.
  • URL :
  • Client : DigitasLBi (France)
  • Core Technologies : Adobe CQ and its open source technology stack (Java Content Repository, OSGi, Apache Sling, ExtJS, Sling Model, Sightly )
  • Other technologies : Web Services, ElasticSearch, Social network API, Google map API.
  • Sub-projects :
    + Responsive Homepage (
    + Brandhub (
    + Corporate Sales (
    + YouPlus (
    + CarBuilder (

Artist Collection

- Artist Collection: an artist platform to lead the fans / audience to emerging artists.
- Artist Collection Data Mining:
+ Cron job: do data mining to collect artist information and their social networking information. Current Artist collection database have more than 10 million artists.
Backend: to configuration cron job and manage artists data.
Sizzle website: Sizzle is a global content franchise focused on emerging artists, powered by social media & carried by superstars and brands.

- Core Technologies : Gearman, Youtube API, Facebook API, Twitter API, Web Crawling Techniques, Mockito.

Disney Land Ticket Platform

Key features :
- The application delivers expected response times with approximately 1 million requests  and approximately 3,000 to 5,000 registrations on any particular day.
- The application includes auditing data to log the date / time and admin user id for registrations.

Technologies :
- Spring MVC, JPA, jQuery